Friday, June 7, 2013

Seven Quick Takes: Burying the lede edition

--- 1 ---

Conversations with my husband:

Me: What are you typing and to whom? [I could see that Skype was the only window he had open, so this was a reasonable question.]

Scott: Philosophy of RPGs...and you can probably guess from the subject.

Me: The Andy?

Scott: Yep.

Me: Though the subject doesn't really narrow it down. You'll ramble about philosophy of RPGs to anyone who will sit still long enough.

Scott: True...

--- 2 ---

The Andy has a blog, which I admittedly never read, because I'm only interested in videogames insofar as I have to understand them in order to have a conversation with my husband.

(I found the Andy's blog after Rosalie found me via Seven Quick Takes--at least, I think that's how she found me. Turns out there's a whole circle of "people I knew at Franciscan who have blogs"; it also includes "Bob" and Liz. The lines between blog world and "real" world grow ever fuzzier...)

--- 3 ---

Wednesday of last week, I made an executive decision that we were having fast food for dinner, for the first time in our marriage. I feel weirdly guilty about it, but seriously. Wednesday was a terrible day, and sometimes at the end of a terrible day you just need to wolf down a cheeseburger instead of spending an hour lovingly crafting a homemade meal.

(Everybody's fine. It was just one of those days.)

--- 4 ---

Last Saturday, we went to see a play put on by the local homeschool group. Scott's youngest 3 siblings were all in it.

Other than the funny bits of the play, the most amusing part of the evening was when Scott repeatedly called people by the right last name but the wrong first name. Since he graduated from high school six years ago, all of the people he actually knew are no longer around, and their younger siblings have gone from being little kids to being teenagers. Apparently it's very confusing.

--- 5 ---

After our fast food adventure, I was seized with one of my periodic vegetable-eating fits and bought lettuce and tomatoes and whatnot. We've never successfully finished a bag of lettuce, but that doesn't stop me from trying again. So far it's been six days and we've eaten two hearts (it's romaine lettuce) and started on the third. The outer leaves of the third heart were a bit wilty, but I perked them up with cold water, and the inner leaves are still in good shape. So hopefully I'll manage to eat another salad or two in the near future. (I've been having salads as my afternoon snack almost every day, and I've been packing a salad in Scott's lunch every day. He loves salad if somebody else chops the veggies for him.)

--- 6 ---

The pea plants are still more or less undead. I think the wilty bits at the bottom are the result of the bug infestation a few weeks back, not the result of my benign neglect and the heat. 

Also, here are FIVE WHOLE PEA PODS which I harvested from my plants over the course of the last several days. I keep meaning to cook them up when Scott is home to enjoy them with me and forgetting. Maybe I'll remember tonight. 

--- 7 ---

I got rid of the ticker down at the bottom of my blog with the little turkeys counting down to my birthday, because I finally found a ticker I like better. See?

Lilypie Pregnancy tickers

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GeekLady said...

!!! I am squealing (very quietly so as not to wake the baby/preschooler) down here in Texas!

How wonderful!

The Sojourner said...

Thanks. :)

jen said...

I was lying back in the recliner, saw your new ticker, and slapped the arm of the recliner in surprise. Congratulations!!!!! I hope everything is going well with the baby so far.

The Sojourner said...

Baby is doing fabulously so far, though at some point I will have to do a first trimester recap with all the complaining you didn't get in real time. ;)

Shakespeare's Cobbler said...

"The Andy has a blog, which I admittedly never read, because I'm only interested in videogames insofar as I have to understand them in order to have a conversation with my husband."
It may be worth my pointing out that The Andy blogs primarily about tabletop RPGs... although not solely (especially if the videogame in question is fairly nonstandard in some way, or if it's not really an RPG but it has storytelling elements that apply to RPGs, or things like that).

The Sojourner said...

That's how you can tell I REALLY don't read his blog. *embarassed*

Sheila said...

Congrats! I am sure you will eventually get bored of all the mothers squealing over you, envious that you have all the joy of a first baby ahead of you. But I'm here early enough that I think it's okay.


I love it when people get pregnant. Even more than when they get married.

The Sojourner said...

I haven't gotten bored of it yet. :)

Becky D. said...

I'm of course thrilled about the baby. I'm mostly commenting on the fact that the blog post tag tadpole and how it would go with the frog bedding you mentioned liking.

The Sojourner said...

Yeah, I'll go into how I picked the nom de blog in my next post, probably.