Friday, July 5, 2013

Seven Quick Takes With Many Pictures of Dessert

Way back on June 15, we celebrated Scott's birthday (a week early, because we were going to be on vacation the following week). We had his mom's stroganoff (he claims I make it even better than she does--he definitely knows which side his bread is buttered on) and lemon cake. I was much lazier with the lemon cake this year than last year: just slapped the plain frosting on and called it good.


(We didn't have a 4 candle to go with our 2 candle, so Scott went to the gas station across the street and got regular candles. After I put all of them in the cake, he said, "Oh, were there 24? Good thing, because I didn't think to check." Me: "Maybe by the time you're 25 you'll know better.")

Also, I used GeekLady's tip from last year and made a frosting dam to keep the filling from leaking out.

It worked beautifully, as you can see.

Since I forgot my mom's birthday, I got her this:

I think she forgives me.

Last week, raspberries were on sale at Kroger, so I bought two little containers. I had no idea what I was going to do with them, but raspberries are affordable so rarely that I didn't want to let the opportunity pass.

Finally on Tuesday I just made some vanilla custard.

I ended up eating my portion and then later eating half of Scott's portion, because he was sleeping and I was hungry. It was good both times.

Boring grocery budget update!

In May I spent $199.80 on groceries. I felt very smug for coming in under budget.

In June I spent $174.79 on groceries on account of mooching off my parents for 4 days while we were on vacation. We did spend $24.87 on meals out, though, and if you add that in it comes to $199.66. Still under budget, though!

My mother had to have surgery on Tuesday, so Andrea came to hang out here. (It's a lot easier to find a caregiver for little kids than it is for a mildly disabled adult.) We watched movies and ate pizza and lazed about. She reports that she had a good time. I was feeling kind of bleh the whole time (second trimester feel-goodness, where are you?) but I enjoyed myself too.

Scott and I didn't make any particular plans for the Fourth. Neither of us are excessively fond of things that go boom, so there's one option off the list. We mostly lazed about, but after I took my daily nap we went out for ice cream. We'd made the ice cream plan on Sunday when it was swelteringly hot, but naturally it was cold and rainy yesterday. We went out for ice cream anyway. And then for dinner we made stroganoff again, because I couldn't think of a "Why not?" when Scott suggested it the other day.

And now my sense of the days of the week is all thrown off because yesterday didn't feel like a Thursday. That's probably why these takes are getting hammered out at 8 p.m.

Our plans for the weekend involve our usual activities, plus a driving lesson. You may recall that Scott got his permit back in March. (Around the time I got pregnant, actually. Funny coincidence.) After we found out about the baby, obviously having him licensed and able to drive himself around shot up the priority list, so we seriously started lessons as soon as the worst of my nausea wore off. (Pro tip: If you have morning sickness, don't ride in a car that doesn't have working air conditioning with someone who doesn't know how to brake gradually.) He's improved since then, but tomorrow will be his first driving lesson outside a parking lot, so we'll see how that goes. (Things will progress more quickly once he "graduates" to going 35mph. Then I'll just make him drive to the bus stop and back and to church and back and so forth for practice.)

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Melanie Bettinelli said...

I need to learn to make vanilla custard to go with my berries.

The Sojourner said...

Conveniently, I invented a recipe!

/shameless self-promotion

Shakespeare's Cobbler said...

I actually really like watching fireworks, visually, enough that I'll just cover my ears and tolerate the boom. I am not, however, excessively fond of driving out to some field far away and camping there all evening just to watch fireworks for a couple hours. Besides, I was enjoying being relatively lazy on a day off.

Maybe I'll code a program that simulates fireworks... the old-fashioned graphics style instead of the fancy new graphical styles that everybody seems to use nowadays without thinking how it makes the "fireworks" look like puffs of plastic. (Honestly, sometimes I just can't grok what modern graphics artists are thinking at all. Is the assumption that smooth shapes are synonymous with realism? I get the same vibe of "They're thinking of how to make the graphics aesthetically pleasing without thinking how to make them actually look like anything, and it comes off faker than if they'd used simplistic graphics that anyone can tell how the code works" from watching kids TV shows these days too, one of the principle objections I have to them...)

The Sojourner said...

I like the aesthetics of fireworks too, but I have tolerated the boom less and less the older I get.

Also, you rightly bring up the "Let's sit around in a field for two hours with nothing to do and get all sweaty and bug-bitten just so we get a good view of the sparkly boom-things" objection.