Tuesday, August 13, 2013

In which we extol the virtues of hand-me-downs

I did not mention in my last post that Scott and I went to visit my family this past weekend. As a result of said visit, we got a lot of baby loot that was left over from my younger siblings. Because it's my blog and I can, I am going to post pictures and descriptions.

First, a play mat thingy. This was one of Matthew's first Christmas presents, but he's outgrown it, naturally. Though Teresa (who is almost 7 years old, 48 inches tall, and about 65 pounds...) tried to claim it for her own as we were taking it out of the house. 

Second, assorted dangly/rattly toys. I think Tad is going to have enough toys now, at least until he develops some motor skills.

Second, a quilt with ducks on it. Teresa got this during her hospital stay before being placed in foster care (i.e. our house), so Mom says I'm never ever allowed to donate or regift it. So nobody eye it covetously. :)

Nextly, we have two Winnie-the-Pooh themed crib sheets. I think Mom and Dad got these when they were first licensed, because gender neutral. A lot of Teresa's stuff ended up being Pooh-themed as a result.

Then there's an infant insert for a car seat and an instruction manual. We'll get the actual carseat next time we go up.

(N.B. Used car seats are generally not recommended, but my conscience allows me to use a seat that is only 2 years old and was used lightly by people I know very well. I promise to actually read the manual, too.)

Lastly, we have flat cloth diapers, i.e. burp rags or whatever else I feel like using them for. Except cleaning. I have this weird idea that I don't want to rub my baby's face in a rag that might have Windex residue on it. Since my "cleaning rags" are exactly the same thing, I'm probably going to hem them or something to avoid any possible confusion. Adding a decorative hem to a cleaning rag seems kind of silly, but there are only 4 of those and about 14 of these, and I am very lazy. 

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