Friday, August 2, 2013

Seven Quick August Takes

I'm feeling very much at loose ends today because it's the first time I have gone a whole day without leaving the house since...July 22? I feel like I did something that day too, but maybe not. Before that was the car saga, and after that went like so:

Tuesday, July 23: I went to the movies with my sister-in-law, after promising her at my wedding that we'd do some girl bonding time once I got settled in. Let it never be said that I don't keep my promises. Eventually.

Wednesday, July 24: I went to the dentist.

Thursday, July 25: I got bloodwork done AND went grocery shopping AND got gas in the car.

Friday, July 26: I had a therapy appointment for the first time in almost 3 years.

Saturday, July 27: Babysitting as usual.

Sunday, July 28: Church.

Monday, July 29: Ultrasound!

Tuesday, July 30: Parish directory portraits.

Wednesday, July 31: Gas station, library.

Thursday, August 1: Groceries again.

I know some of you probably think, "So?" but I am a very sluggish little introvert and don't handle all this stimulation well. And next week I have bloodwork and therapy again and then we're heading off to my parents' place so we can go to a family reunion. (I already got permission to take the time off from my babysitting thing.)

So, yeah. I went to the dentist for the first time in two years, because I am a good mom. (At my first OB appointment they asked whether I'd been to the dentist in the last six months. Guilt, guilt, guilt.)

I liked the tech. She was expecting a little boy in 6 weeks (I suppose it's about a month now) so we talked about pregnancy and stuff. She blamed my bleedy gums on pregnancy, which was awesome. ('Cause I DO floss now, so they can't blame it on lack of flossing.)

Then the dentist came in and had to have everything explained to her twice and made disparaging comments about large families and said I have a cavity but I can just come back in six months (after the baby is born) and have it filled then. So I said okay and managed to go on my way without actually making a follow-up appointment. I'm not sure I'll go back, because I really didn't like the dentist and their exams are super expensive if you aren't using the new patient coupon.

(Conversation: "Do you want a boy or a girl?" "It doesn't matter." "Is this your first?" "Yes." "I guess for the second it matters." Then she stuck her hand in my mouth before I could talk about my husband's five brothers.)

(Maybe I'm just touchy, but if you're cleaning my teeth, your views on the perfect one-boy-one-girl family are not relevant.)

After six months of inactivity, I finally pestered my beta readers into returning the most recent draft of my novel. One of them (who had never read it before) thought it was depressing but really liked the ending and thought the overall plot had potential. The other (who had read the last draft) thought that it was awesome and structurally sound but a few things could be tweaked and there is an awful lot of tragedy but it's all part of the plot so what can you do?

When I next get time I am going to read through my own copy (which does not have distracting comments inserted) and then I'll go back and edit and see if I can't try to pull things together so that it doesn't seem like we're just grinding out one tragedy after another during a certain section of the book. It will probably go like so:

Convenient illustration from these Quick Takes.

Matthew has lately started calling Teresa "Sissy". (He calls Andrea by a passable rendition of her name; my name is still point-and-grunt.) Apparently this morning Teresa had a class at the YMCA (martial arts? I don't know) and he was wandering around the house periodically saying "Sissy?" He does not approve of her not being around to pester him.

He also holds his nose, waves his arms, and says "Stinky!" and "Ewww!" when Mom changes his diaper. Mom says she might be a little too dramatic about diaper changes.

My grocery spending for July came to $200.53. Scott reminds me that nobody cares about 53 cents and it's not like I haven't gone more than 53 cents under budget before. I have a bit of a perfectionistic thing going with my grocery budget, okay?

I think it's pretty impressive that I didn't do worse than that, though. See, back near the beginning of the month I got 6 pounds of ground beef on sale for 1.99/lb. I should have been suspicious, but I was not, and 4 days later I went to use some of the beef (and freeze the rest) and lo, it was rotten. I checked and the use-by/freeze-by date was 1 day after I bought the beef. No wonder it was on sale so cheap.

Anyway, considering I threw $12 into the dumpster, only going 53 cents over is pretty impressive, right?

(Yesterday I got beef on sale at Kroger--five pounds for $6.99! And lo, it had a use-by date of today. It's safely in the freezer.)

(Why did I just use the word "lo!" twice in one take? I don't know and I don't care. I promise I don't write like that in my novel.)

Over the course of the last month or so we somehow accumulated three sad, wrinkly apples that nobody wanted. So last week I bought some vanilla ice cream (that didn't help my budget...) and yesterday I impulsively made an apple crisp at 8 p.m. I should have saved it for today, but I was young and foolish back then and ate my whole portion--with plenty of ice cream--right before I went to bed.

Then I woke up for my usual 2 a.m. bathroom break feeling dizzy and sick. I drank some milk, because it was the first thing I thought of, even though I had this vague idea that something like juice or candy would be better if I was in fact experiencing hypoglycemia. Then again, I also had the vague thought that considering refined carbs got me into that fix in the first place, I shouldn't use refined carbs to get myself out of it.

Anyway, I felt better by the time I woke up again at 5 a.m. (And Tad obviously felt okay too, because he decided that 5 a,m. was a good time for a dance party. It's hard to sleep when you're doing that, child.) I suppose it could have been a random low-blood-pressure moment or something, but my money's on the apple crisp being to blame.

The moral of this story is not to eat giant bowls of dessert right before bed. And I'm totally failing my glucose screen, aren't I?

To end this take on a lighter note, here is a picture of some blueberry muffins that I made the other day (Reason #3 why I went overbudget: I splurged on some 1.25/pint blueberries):

Despite doing a massive grocery trip yesterday, I forgot to buy any meatless foods for today. So we're scrounging around finding things we can eat that aren't meat and sighing wistfully over leftover pork chops.

Scott worked for 11 hours today (he worked from home because he didn't have time to commute), so he was very tired by the time he got up to fix himself dinner. In the process of making a quesadilla, he accidentally spilled cheese all over the counter and was overwhelmed by the prospect of cleaning it up. I told him to just eat his quesadilla and see if maybe the cleaning fairies took care of it by the time he finished.

He thought I said "the cleaning furies" and I told him that might be a little more accurate, considering that sometimes I come back and demand recompense for my not-so-selfless-and-invisible cleaning efforts.

So, off to vengefully clean up some cheese. :)

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DavidD said...

At what age do babies develop a sense of "other"? Whenever it is, Matthew has mastered it if he mopes after his Sissy and his Mama when they're gone.

DavidD said...

Three times, if you count the one in the rhetorical question.

DavidD said...


DavidD said...

That should have said " 'Furies.' [left angle bracket]laughs through nose[right angle bracket]" but Blogger ate most of it.

The Sojourner said...

Wikipedia the all-knowing says that babies fully develop object permanence by about 24 months, but I'm not sure that's quite the concept you're looking for.

Anonymous said...

I could have pretty much written the dentist take... except this time I got the nice (young mom) dentist in the practice. But as far as not going for a long time and all the bleeding... yeah, I had that a week ago Friday. I started getting uncomfortable so the hygienist gave me a rest, and I decided I needed to use the bathroom... but I passed out in the hallway. Oh, the joys of pregnancy.

The Sojourner said...

It's so glamorous, isn't it?