Sunday, December 15, 2013

Tad's birth story part six: Waiting

Warning: Don't read this if you're squeamish or know me in real life and don't want to think about my reproductive organs when you're chatting with me over dinner.

Part five

As soon as Tad was placed on my belly, I checked to make sure he was really a boy. (I mean, nobody wants their first experience of the world to be their mother calling them by the wrong pronoun, right?) Then I noticed he had long, long toes.

We just sat there talking to and looking over the baby (who kept crying for quite some time) for a few minutes, and then Dr. B came dashing in, wearing a sweatshirt and jeans, which made him look very different. The nurses teasingly told him, "Yeah, you missed it."

Dr. B let the resident go and sat down to check me over and keep an eye on the placenta. I was again convinced with much effort to move--from a sitting to a reclining position. The baby was placed as high on my belly as he would go--his cord was too short for him to stretch up to my chest--and Dr. B looked me over and found only one superficial first-degree tear that didn't require stitches.

Then it was just a matter of waiting for the placenta. The baby kept crying, and I commented on this, and Dr. B said, "He's just telling his story." Dr. B also made a comment about how he had another patient laboring just then and he was going to go check on her when he was done with me--not in a "hurry up" way, just making conversation. He also invited me and Scott to feel the cord pulsing, which was amazing. It was warmer than I expected, like a living thing in my hands. When it stopped pulsing Dr. B invited Scott to cut it (which involved more force than Scott anticipated, judging from the fact that he had to saw it a bit) and Scott did, even though he'd had no specific plans of doing that either.

My uterus clamped down for a while, but then got "boggy" again, which seemed to concern Dr. B. However, after about 30 minutes I finally started getting back pain again (yes, even third stage had back labor) and pushed something out, which was apparently a large clot rather than the placenta. I remember being annoyed, because I wanted to get to the sentimental bonding period, but in a moment the back pain was there again, more intensely, and this time I did deliver the placenta. I didn't look at it, which I regret a tiny bit in hindsight, but not that much. At the time I was just glad to be rid of it finally. That was at 7:50.

Dr. B sat with me for a few more minutes until I stopped bleeding and then told me I'd lost 400 ccs of blood (I'm not sure why; maybe he thought I'd find this fact interesting--which I do), and then he counted his sponges, of which there were five, and then he de-gowned and went to check on his other patient and we were left to have that golden bonding hour finally.

To be continued...

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Shakespeare's Cobbler said...

He definitely has your toes.

Coincidentally, the first thing you said to him immediately when he wound up squalling on your belly was, near as I can recall, "I've got you, you are mine." (It sounded like a reassurance. I'm certain of "You are mine," only sure that the rest of it surrounding that was something along the lines of telling him it's ok because you have him.)