Friday, February 21, 2014

Seven Quick Takes with flashes of brilliance

Jen was stricken by a fit of madness and decided to do this again. Apparently madness is catching, because I've decided to do it too. I have no less than 55 posts in my drafts folder (some from as far back as 2009), so I might be able to handle it.

Tad was three months old yesterday and had a pediatrician appointment. (Apparently three-month appointments are unusual, but that's what this office does.) He weighed 11 pounds and 14 ounces and was 23.5 inches long. His 2-month had gotten pushed back to January 31, so he's tracking pretty well with his 6-ounce-a-week gain (17 ounces in 20 days) and managed to grow a whopping 1.25 inches in those same 20 days. Maybe the constant eating is doing something.

(N.B. His first appointment at this office, he only measured 19.5 inches. I have no idea how he shrunk an inch and a half in his first five days of life, but there you go.)

One of the fun things that happened at the appointment: The med student who was evaluating him (in addition to, not in place of, the pediatrician's evaluation) took hold of his hands while he was lying down and gradually pulled him into a sitting position. Not only did Tad keep his head in line with his body, but he also looked around curiously on the way up. The med student was impressed. I was too; I'd never tried that so I didn't know he could control his head so well.

Tad's eyes have been dark gray for most of the last three months. In recent days Scott and I have noticed that he has this ring of golden brown around his pupils. We are undecided whether this means his eyes are going brown from the inside out or whether he's developing my eye color.

(Scott has plain but very pretty brown eyes. I have eyes that are gray-blue around the outer edge and a sort of green-gold around the pupil.)

I had a brainwave while out shopping yesterday. See, I have struggled the past couple of months with the fact that sticking the baby in his carseat in the cart leaves little room for groceries. Normally I make do by putting big things in the bottom and small things in the spaces around the carseat, but it's a pain to collect all the things at the checkout.

Anyway, my brainwave involved getting one of those handbaskets and putting it on the bottom rack of the cart. Then I could stuff small things in there and when it came time to check out, unloading was a breeze.

Of course, my brilliant self forgot to check the meat stash in the freezer and realized only afterwards that we were out of chicken. So Tad and I had to go back to Kroger this morning.

Scott had Monday off for President's Day, and the three of us celebrated the three-day weekend by going to Dairy Queen (Tad sat in his carseat and looked around curiously the whole time) and watching Season Three of Sherlock. (Tad looked at that curiously too. Should I feel guilty that my 3-month-old likes to watch TV?)

Both the ice cream and Sherlock were suitably awesome. I need some of my friends to watch it so we can geek out together. There's only so much time Scott and I can spend swapping Sherlock quotes.

I updated the About Me and About My People pages recently. I hadn't really overhauled them since shortly after I got married, so it was definitely time for a change.

The other day, Scott and I were talking about vending machines and he reminded me that the college from which he graduated used to have this vending machine that said it accepted fives but never did, and he used to say that it must be a Confederate.

Me: "Because it disliked Abraham Lincoln?"

Scott: "Yeah."

Me: "I remember you telling me that and I didn't get it, but three years later I'm like, 'OHHHH.'"

It's never too late to appreciate a joke. :)

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Lady W said...

Tad's missing inch and a half clearly demonstrates that he has Scott's self-compression skills and will be able to fold himself up neatly into small spaces.

The Sojourner said...

Obviously. Why didn't I think of that?

Nora Roisin said...

I like the joke.

I like your updates! Keep them coming. Good job to Tad for controlling his head. The development of control and such in children interests me greatly.