Friday, February 7, 2014

Seven Quick Takes 2/7

Here's another video of my brilliant and adorable baby for your viewing pleasure:

Update: Okay, it wasn't working and trying to fix it just made it worse. :( I'll have to try again in the morning.

It's a good thing he's cute, since he seems to think lately that bedtime is for screaming, not sleeping. On Sunday and Monday nights he refused to fall asleep until I walked him in the sling for a good long while, and then the only way to keep him asleep was to lay down in bed with him, sling and all. (I made sure he didn't have fabric over his face.)

Then last night even the sling only calmed him down somewhat. He finally exhausted himself a little before midnight and we both slept fitfully until 6 a.m. I am tired now.

Adjusting to life with a new baby has been very much a two steps forward, one step back thing thus far. For some reason I always forget this and whenever we take a forward step I start making grand plans of Doing All The Things. Then the baby does things like scream at bedtime to remind me that he's still really little and needy and I'd better slow down a bit.

And then other times he's asleep and I think, "I should set him down and go do the dishes", but I don't, because already I miss when he was a tiny squishy newborn and all we did was sit around all day.

Scowly baby disapproves of extrauterine life.

I started cloth diapering him last week (since he only just got big enough for my one-size pocket diapers), and it's not actually that much work compared to disposables. Yes, I have to wash and hang-dry and stuff the diapers, but it's actually easier than emptying the trash every day and wading through slush to the dumpsters to get rid of disposables. And rinsing off the poop* doesn't take any extra time since the cloth diapers are much better at holding in poop-splosions, so I'm not changing and stain-treating his clothes constantly.

*Yeah, you're not supposed to have to rinse off the poop for an exclusively breastfed baby, but this kid has skillz in the pooping department. Plus it doesn't hurt me to get into the habit now.

Our food + grocery > other spending for January was something like $450. Yikes. That does include food and stuff for the baptism party, but I'm still glad that our diapering expenses should be considerably less this month.

Speaking of food, I now have a menu planning/recipes page. Check it out!

My siblings haven't gotten a lot of airtime here lately, so I present some funny Facebook stories. First, a status from my mom about Teresa:

Oh and my big girl yesterday at Kroger insisted on unloading the grocery cart into the van and closing the hatch and returning the cart all by herself. I was told to go sit in the van and take a break she was handling it.

And then two statuses (stati?) from my dad:

I tried to put Matthew in his bed with a cup of milk so we could eat, but he howled so badly that I went and got him.
"Cry," he said; "door."
"You were crying because I shut the door?"
I don't remember having conversations with my other children like this; I mean, the boy is still only two.

Matthew, just now, pointing out the window: "Pretty."
Me: "Pretty? What's pretty?"
Matthew: "Sun."
Me: "The sunset's pretty?"
Matthew: "Yeah."
Me: "Awww."

It's amazing how much my introversion has abandoned me now that I'm a mom. Maybe it's because I find it more difficult to get lost in my mental world with a baby who cries for no apparent reason sometimes. Anyway, tomorrow Scott and I are planning to go to a LLL "couple's meeting." I have no idea what it is and I probably will only know one person there, but I will seriously cry if the weather turns south and we have to miss it. Talking to grownups who won't care if I breastfeed in front of them? YES PLEASE.

In conclusion, here's a picture of my baby in a penguin hat:

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