Sunday, March 2, 2014

Seven Quick Takes 2/28

Situations in which I have babyworn in the last week (and a half): 

A. Shopping at Wal-Mart. I find this remarkable only because it seems like a funny contrast. Babywearing at Whole Foods or something wouldn't be remarkable at all. 

(I was only picking up a couple of things and it seemed silly to get a whole big cart to use as a glorified stroller. Now I kind of prefer wearing him--I have more cart space and he doesn't cry.)

B. While receiving Communion. Bonus: He was actively nursing at the time. I could probably get theological about that, but I won't right now.

C. While brushing and flossing my teeth. I made sure not to spit on his head.

D. While changing a diaper. Not his; another baby's.

How I look most of the time these days.

Scott went to the office FOUR days this week. (Monday through Thursday.) And I only cried once, and I'm pretty sure that was hormonal.

On Thursday I even added an extra level of difficulty by babysitting Liza Jane's Baby J for about 2 hours while she and her husband went car shopping.

Baby J was pretty calm, which was good because I realized I had no idea what he was trying to tell me when he did fuss. I don't think of myself as being very good at reading my baby, but the contrast made me realize that I'm at least getting better. Even when I can't tell what Tad is unhappy about, I have an arsenal of things that usually calm him. With Baby J I was kind of like, " want a bottle?" (Yes.)

Unfortunately, all of this baby-care (or maybe something else, but probably the baby care) has made my bum knee act up again. I'm twenty-four years old; I shouldn't have a bum knee. (I've had this since I was 22, actually. I lost 40 pounds and it got better but then I got pregnant and it's been iffy ever since.)

I also have this perpetual stiff spot between my shoulder blades. I kind of just want my chiropractor to follow me around and crack my back at intervals.

Nursing success of the week: I figured out a modified football hold that actually works. The trick is to turn him so his legs are sideways across my back rather than pointing upward (so he's latching from the side rather than from underneath). I will have to try it with my next newborn; I'm not sure if the fact that Tad has good head control helps with the working-ness.

(Of course, it's not like I NEED to be able to do football hold to breastfeed, but it's nice to feel like I'm not limited to one position.)

Also: My favorite breastfeeding moments are when we're just waking up in the morning and Tad is sleep-eating and it's all cozy and snuggly and such. Except sometimes I really have to pee.

When Tad was wee I just put him in sleepers and changed him when he pooped up his back. But nowadays I'm starting to feel the desire to dress him as if he were a small adult--when we go out, he wears a shirt (onesie) and pants; when we go to Church he wears a collared shirt and non-denim pants. Except he only has three pairs of pants, so I need to work on that as I compile his 6-9 month wardrobe. (He's tracking pretty well with his age clothes-wise--now that he's 3 months he's wearing more and more 3-6 instead of his 0-3s.)
He's like a tiny college student with his hoodie and jeans, except he'd need sandals with his socks. :)

Since Ash Wednesday is coming up, I've been pondering how to balance penance and motherhood. (I was pregnant for the last two weeks of Lent last year but didn't know it yet, so I haven't had to deal with this before.) I will definitely go meatless and dessert-less on Ash Wednesday and might try to reduce my caloric intake a bit, but I definitely won't go too low because I don't want to compromise my milk supply. (Tad is much too young to participate in the fast.) And I'll probably be boring and give up dessert for Lent. I also want to add in some family prayer (I suggested to Scott that we could do night prayer together), and I need to talk to Scott about maybe upping our usual Sunday donation. A couple of years ago I read that the three pillars of Lent are prayer, fasting, and almsgiving, and I've found that helpful in structuring my penance ever since. It helps curb the tendency to a) just give up sweets and call it a day, or b) do 15 different things none of which I can sustain for 6-7 weeks.

I had an amusing conversation with a certain 19-year-old on Facebook the other day. I still think his major premise is flawed, but I won't disillusion him.

(I actually prefer it when Scott has at least a mustache, probably because he had one when we got married and I got used to it.)

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Nora Roisin said...

You and your Tad-child look good together. :D I also like the plaid wrap-child-thing.

The Sojourner said...

Thank you. :)