Saturday, March 15, 2014

Seven Quick Takes: The hairs on your head

Tad's had a big milestone week. First, he started actually hitting the toys on his play gym instead of just staring at them. (His play gym is this one.)

THEN, since that apparently wasn't enough, he rolled back-to-front. He's not even four months old, you guys, and he can already roll both ways. I guess that's what happens when you're ridiculously active from the womb onwards.

The other week, the gospel reading was the one about all the hairs on your head being counted. (Or maybe that was mentioned at the retreat? I lose track these days.) And it suddenly made perfect sense to me. If I could, I would certainly count the hairs on Tad's head--not for any particular reason except that I love him and want to study and know everything about him.

It's kind of nice to think of God as being like that with us.

Speaking of noticing minute details, we're pretty sure Tad has a lip tie and maybe a tongue tie as well. You'd think somebody in the round of doctors and LCs we saw in December would have noticed, but apparently that was left to me. (I did get my LLL leader to confirm at the last meeting. She said that she can't give me medical advice but she really thinks I should have him evaluated.)

So next week is going to be full of calling the pediatrician and his insurance company and probably a bunch of other places. Fun times.

One of my cousins got married just over the border in Indiana last week, so Tad was able to attend his first wedding AND meet his great-grandmother. (One of them, anyway. The other one lives in California.) On Monday we went to the museum center (minus Scott, because he had to work), and Tad enjoyed it a lot. See?

Relatedly, a funny Teresa story: The wedding was held in a church that had a children's center sort of thing advertised in large rainbow-colored letters. Teresa saw it and said, "Wherever there are colorful letters, there's bound to be kid stuff."

She's pretty smart.

On Tuesday, Scott commented happily on the weather as we were driving back from the bus stop and I said, "It's supposed to snow tomorrow." To which Scott replied, "Then we should take the baby to the park today."

I couldn't think of a good reason to say no, so we went and walked around the local park for an hour. Tad seemed to enjoy himself again.

The next day it did snow, and Tad and I walked around Kroger. Tad got hungry in the middle of the dairy aisle (maybe it was the sight of milk...) so I pulled him sideways, fiddled with my shirt, and continued on my merry way. Two different people complimented me on my sling, and I felt like a breastfeeding ninja.

Scott and I are trying to bring our post-baby budget back under control. (Though we figured out today that we should be getting a sizable amount back on our taxes, which should help make up the shortfall in our savings.) To this end, I started sneakily turning the heat down to 72 instead of 74. It took about 48 hours for Scott to notice the first time and he hasn't seemed to notice the second time yet. Though he reads this blog, so I guess my cover is blown.

One of my favorite things about breastfeeding is when Tad and I are side-lying and he unlatches with this deep sigh of contentment and turns his head so it's resting on my breast as if on a pillow and falls asleep. Seriously, it's the sweetest thing ever.

One of my not so favorite things is when he tries to nurse and suck his thumb at the same time. (He has some serious oral needs.) I'm telling you, baby, that will NEVER work.

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Melanie Bettinelli said...

I've become such a hard core New Englander. I now keep our heat set at 64 or 65 in the day and 60 or 62 at night. When I first moved up here I was always cold. Then again, I also weighed a lot less back then. I've got much more insulation now.

I love the falling asleep while using the breast as a pillow thing too. So sweet.

The Sojourner said...

Ha, I always say that the reason Scott runs cold is because he lacks insulating body fat.

(At my highest weight I was very nearly double his, and he's a good inch taller.)

Melanie Bettinelli said...

Fat does help.