Sunday, March 23, 2014

Seven Sunday Takes

Tad turned four months old on Thursday. I do not approve. Also, I promise he does smile sometimes; he's just mastered deadpanning as soon as I pull out the camera.

This week has been really rough in stay-at-home-mom land. I think Tad is hitting his four-month growth spurt. While I'm glad he's not screaming all evening this time around, I could really do without him screaming for most of the morning. Even the sling doesn't put him to sleep. Taking him on an errand does seem to work, so I'm all stocked up on groceries but way behind on laundry.

(I handed him off to Scott yesterday morning when he started his scream-fest and Scott ended up calling his dad for help/advice within the hour. I feel a lot less wimpy now.)

On Friday I called my mom to see if she had any scream-fest advice, and she reminded me that stuffing him in his carseat and driving around had helped before. I pointed out that I didn't have any errands left. "You might want to make one up," she replied.

So I stuffed my hoarded allowance in my pocket and stuffed the baby in his carseat and went to the nearest Carter's outlet to find some summer clothes. I got this and this. (He needed a bigger frog outfit for his monthly pictures, and the polos were just too cute to pass up.)

Then Tad slept for almost 4 hours when we got home. (With some nursing interspersed.) Poor overtired cranky baby.

Tad's eyes are still a combination of dark gray and golden brown. I am really curious to see what color they end up.

Here is a picture that doesn't capture his eye color terribly well but is still adorable:

Why is my mother interrupting a diaper change to shove a camera in my face?

I forgot a cute Matthew story last week.

When we visited at the end of February, both littles were of course fascinated by the whole breastfeeding concept. (Recall that they were adopted and therefore not breastfed themselves.) Matthew kept pointing and saying "Drink?" and then "Where?" as if he expected me to reveal that I had a couple of bottles hidden under my shirt.

On the way back from the museum center a week later, I was letting Tad suck on my fingers in an attempt to calm him until we were done driving. Matthew was sitting next to us and he pointed and said "Drink?"

I told him no, Tad was just sucking on my fingers, but it occurred to me that from his perspective the idea of the baby getting milk from my fingers is probably about as logical as the idea of him getting milk from my chest.

Last Saturday, Scott and I did our federal taxes and Scott managed to find a credit I had missed that almost tripled our return amount. It was kind of awesome.

Then on Wednesday Scott told me that he got a raise. Granted, he's gone from Ridiculously Underpaid to $1/hr More Than Ridiculously Underpaid, but $40 a week is nothing to sneeze at when you're all poorish.

I'm giving St. Joseph the ultimate credit for both of those, by the way, since I prayed a novena to him with the main intention being that he'd help Scott provide for our family.

Kroger had blackberries on sale this week, so I currently have a blackberry crisp in the oven for our Sunday treat. This has no deep significance; I just get really excited about dessert during Lent.

The other day one of my Facebook friends posted a video making fun of The Notebook. The video was not that funny and kind of NSFW, so I won't post it, but here's a really funny quote from my super romantic husband:

"All I know about The Notebook is that there's a guy and a girl kissing in the rain, and I always think, 'Your notebook is going to get soaked!' Is that what this movie is about? 'I had this great romatic encounter but I lost all my passwords for Metroid!'"

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