Monday, March 24, 2014

Tad's summer wardrobe

Just because I can.

Outfit #1: I found all these pieces at a thrift store. The onesie is Carter's; the jacket and pants are some other brand I don't recall. I am very proud of myself for finding them considering they're different brands and yet match perfectly.

Outfit #2: One of my retail therapy purchases from this past Friday.

Outfit #3: Part of the same set as #2.

Outfit #4: A baby shower gift from my friend Liza.

Outfit #5: A onesie from the set Liza bought; pants that my mother thrifted.

Outfit #6: A retail-therapy polo; shorts my mother thrifted.

Outfit #7: Same. (Except they're pants, not shorts.)

Outfit #8: Same.

Outfit #9: Polo and pants thrifted by my mother. (There's a tiny penguin! So cute!)

Outfit #10: Thrifted by my mother again.

Outfit #11: Onesie thrifted by me, shorts by my mother.

Odds and ends: A jacket, a hat, a white onesie.

I'd like a few more things (some more onesies, maybe another set of pajamas), but overall I'm quite pleased. Especially since I spent a grand total of $30 of my own money on all of these clothes. My mother seems to think it is her duty to outfit her grandson, and I'm not complaining. 

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