Saturday, April 26, 2014

Seven Quick Easter Takes

Natural light does wonders for my photography skills
Tad turned five months old on Easter Sunday. I think last time I updated was not long after he turned four months. That's probably because it's been a tiring month. First we had a growth spurt, and then a developmental spurt (he consistently rolls back to front now), and then I think teeth (though he has yet to pop one through). I thought it was exhausting having to pace back and forth carrying the baby in order to keep him happy. Let me tell you, it's even more exhausting when pacing just keeps his screaming down to a dull whine.

I have no idea how much he weighs because he doesn't have another checkup until 6 months. My lower back says, "A lot."

All three of us went to Mass on Holy Thursday, and then Tad and I went to the Good Friday service by ourselves. This was less penitential than I imagined it would be; it was around his naptime and he miraculously slept most of the time.

The next day we went to the Easter Vigil around Tad's bedtime and he slept for the first hour and a half but then things got too bright and noisy for him and he got increasingly fussy. Fortunately he waited to melt down completely until Mass was over.

*Before* a 3-hour Mass that started at bedtime
Sunday afternoon we visited Scott's family. I was totally that obnoxious person and corrected my in-laws repeatedly when they kept talking about Tad's "first Easter." I did concede that last year he was busy differentiating his cells into different germ layers and stuff, so he probably didn't notice, but it's still his second Easter.

Then on Monday afternoon Tad had an appointment for a double frenectomy. (Tongue and upper lip.) The dentist who did it was very impressed that we managed to nurse this long.

Right after the procedure Tad nursed like a champ (seriously, I didn't realize just how uncomfortable nursing was for me until it wasn't), but then once the numbing gel wore off he regressed considerably. He does have five months of bad sucking habits to unlearn, so I'm trying to take it slow.

Yesterday we went to my trusty lactation consultant friend in the morning. (She squealed over how awesome we are and said I was doing his mouth exercises exactly right.) Then we went to the chiropractor in the afternoon for some craniosacral therapy. (Even if it's bunk, he loves the chiropractor and tells her about all his problems. It's seriously hilarious. I think he genuinely believes that she can understand his babbling.)

Did I mention that Tad is rolling both ways now? He rolled back-to-front once several weeks ago and then didn't again so I figured it was a fluke. Then about two weeks ago he suddenly started doing it several times a day, every day. (And at night. A baby who wakes himself up by rolling over has got to be one of the most annoying things ever.) So now instead of playing happily on his back he rolls onto his belly and screams with impotent rage because he can't crawl.

The chiropractor says his sitting-up ability is weak. I think that's because he hates being in one spot, so he has no motivation to sit. I'm still doing remedial sitting practice with him, though. I've got to project my overachiever nature on him sometimes.

The parish to which Scott and I belong is building a perpetual Adoration chapel. We signed up for a holy hour, because we are crazy. I did make sure to sign us up as one person, though, so we can at least take turns pacing around the parish grounds with the baby. (Our holy hour is right after our usual Mass, so one of us going alone isn't particularly feasible. I guess we'll see how it goes, though.)

We got a fairly large tax refund this year (having babies can be useful that way) and are planning to use it to pay off one of our smaller student loans. I will be happy when we actually do that; having the extra money just sitting there makes me worried that our car is going to break down for good or somebody's going to end up in the ER or something and it will all go *poof*.

In conclusion, here is a picture of my baby in a bear suit.

Your argument is invalid.

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geeklady said...

!!!! Tad and Raphael are exactly six months apart! Raphael was 11 months on Easter Sunday. I got him a chocolate bunny even though he's a month shy. It'll still be Easter when he turns one.

The Sojourner said...

I am insistent that Tad gets no dessert until he digs into his first birthday cake, but I imagine it will be hard to resist that long. For one thing, my birthday is three days before his. Perhaps we shall have to have a joint party.

Lindsay said...

Oh, my gosh. Thaat is just the sweetest little baby! I love babies dressed all fancy.

You are a champ for working so hard with him. I hope to get married and have children someday, but I also hope God has just a bucketload of grace waiting for me when that time comes!

The Sojourner said...

Aw, thanks! We think he's the sweetest too.

Melanie Bettinelli said...

Seriously cute! Love the Easter outfit. I just want to squish him.