Saturday, May 10, 2014

Seven Quick Mother's Day Takes

1. Tad got me a present for Mother's Day. I had to drive him to the store and help him get it off the shelf, of course, but one must make allowances for babies.

2. You might notice that he's only wearing a diaper in those pictures. That's because he lost clothing privileges after two poopsplosions in as many days. A lot of baby toys got thrown in the bathtub.

(At one point I comforted myself with the thought that probably even the Blessed Mother had to deal with poopspolsions. And she didn't have running water.)

3. On Sunday evening, Scott and I mailed a very giant check for one of his student loans (8% interest rate--yikes yikes yikes). I expected to feel more triumphant about paying off our first student loan (of many), but not yet. Maybe I'll feel better when our emergency fund isn't quite so depleted.

4. On Monday Tad and I were flying solo for about 14 hours because Scott had Schola practice. (The Schola is technically disbanded, but they got talked into singing for the homeschool graduation next month.) We actually did pretty well--that was NOT one of the days he poopsploded. I was particularly proud of myself when I realized that just a few months ago I was terrified of Scott actually going to work instead of telecommuting because I'd be alone with the baby for 8 hours. (I think he was 3 months old or so before that stopped terrifying me.)

5. On Wednesday Scott telecommuted and we drove an hour each way to have lunch with my family and my godmother's widower. (Did I mention that she died? She did and we're all very sad. You should pray for her.) It was too short but still nice, and R seemed to enjoy meeting Tad.

6. On Thursday Tad and I went to La Leche League. There was a little girl there who was 8 months old and could crawl and sit up. (Tad was very jealous.) I had brought a blanket and some toys with the thought that Tad could play on the floor, but that didn't work very well because he was fussy from not napping and the other baby kept crawling over and stealing his toys.

I wonder what the etiquette is for that. I really don't care if another baby wants to play with his toys (Me: "He's an only child; he has to learn to share somehow.") but the other baby's mother seemed to think it was a Big Deal, so I felt obliged to police the playtime and make sure her baby didn't take any of Tad's toys. It was distracting.

7. The LLL meeting eventually turned into a babywearing meeting. Tad and I elected to go to Kroger instead of sticking around and socializing. Afterwards, one of my friends from the meeting posted a video for another lady and I whined about how I want a wrap. She offered to loan me one. I asked if she was going to be home at lunchtime on Friday, since I'd be passing right by her house on the way back from the chiropractor. She didn't respond, but I decided to stop by anyway just in case she was home. I'm a very very bad introvert, but woven wraps are awesome, you guys. Must start saving my pennies.

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