Saturday, May 24, 2014

Seven Quick Takes 5/23

Tad turned six months old on Tuesday! His pediatrician appointment isn't until next Tuesday, so no official stats yet.

He now knows how to drag himself forward on his elbows--it looks just like the "wounded soldier" segment in this video. (NB: Not my baby.) Mostly he does that when he wants to get to my computer cords. Meanwhile, his sitting skills remain unremarkable; I've tried doing sitting-up practice with him and even when I dangle a toy in front of him he sees something else he wants and lunges for it, which is kind of incompatible with sitting upright.

We've been doing some very mild No-Cry Sleep Solution style training around here. So far I'm 4/4 on the independent morning nap (yay for being able to do dishes in peace!) and 3/4 on independent late evening sleeping. (He goes to bed at 8 p.m.; I go to bed at 10-ish.) Last night he decided to remind me who's the real boss here by crying and thrashing about from 7 to 10.

Tad had to get his tongue tie re-lasered on Thursday. (And it took forever because there was a bunch of scar tissue that had to be lasered out.) I feel like the worst mother ever at the moment. Apparently his upper lip healed really well, though. So, prayers that his tongue will get with the program would be appreciated.

I must have angered the Budget Fates when I mentioned last week that we could miss a paycheck and not really notice, because Scott missed a day of work this week due to a sore throat of doom that may have actually been a sinus infection. (Plus a half-day attending Tad's appointment.) And now I have to revamp my budget again, YAY.

I was, however, somewhat reassured to realize that I'm kind of supposed to go overbudget this month. See, Scott gets paid weekly, which means that 8 months out of 12 are Four Paycheck Months and the others are Five Paycheck Months. My budget assumes that every month is a 4.33 Paycheck Month.

(If I were really awesome at penny-pinching, I'd make the budget according to four paychecks per month and stick the extra fifth paychecks right into savings, but I am not yet that awesome.)

The current budget includes $10 for Tad's "allowance." He doesn't spend it, obviously, but I got tired of spending my own $10 a month on stuff for him. (Selfish mommy wants books and computer games.) Anyway, this month's purchase was a couple of straw cups, because everybody says those are better for oral development than sippy cups. Who knows.

Next month I'm going to get one of those little dishwasher cages so I don't have to handwash all his tiny plastic things.

We all went to a babywearing meetup last Saturday, because I like feeling as if I have friends. We even managed to borrow an Ergo while we were there. I convinced Scott to wear it during the walk home (the meetup was only a mile from our apartment) and the baby actually FELL ASLEEP NOT TOUCHING ME. It was awesome. Since then our whole No Cry Sleep Without Touching Mommy Training thing has taken off, which is good, because Scott hasn't shown much spontaneous interest in the Ergo. I tried it once myself and couldn't stand it. Slings and wraps all the way.

Last night's dinner was a culinary experiment: The stroganoff recipe, but with 15 oz canned salmon and a half-cube of veggie bouillon. It was kind of awesome, and Scott even admitted to liking it after he had a little while to think about it.

I find it interesting the sort of things random people in the grocery store say about the baby. Examples:

a. Apparently light green is a very gender-neutral color, because whenever I take him out in it I get asked "Boy or girl?" much more often than when he's wearing other colors. (Admittedly, most of his other stuff is blue.)

b. When people ask how old he is, they almost always follow up with, "He's so big!" This is funny to me because he's pretty consistently around 50th percentile for height and 25th for weight. He's not wasting away or anything, but overall I'd call him a smallish baby. Maybe people are trying to be complimentary. He does have some awesome chub.

c. The other day I was checking out at Kroger with Tad in the sling on my hip and the lady behind us at the checkout admired the sling and then asked if I was an attachment parent. I told her that it isn't so much a matter of me being an attachment parent as it is him being an attachment baby.

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