Friday, May 16, 2014

Seven Quick Takes with Frozen, Dave Ramsey, and babywearing

Scott and I finally watched Frozen the other day. We really liked it. I had to hold his hand all through the climax, though--I just can't handle peril now that I'm a mom.

My parents have been taking Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University and my mother loaned me her copy of Dave Ramsey's Complete Guide to Money. In one place the book is talking about people living paycheck-to-paycheck and asks, "If you had a paycheck that was delayed by just one week, what would you do?"

It was weird because I definitely don't see us as being super financially secure, but if Scott had a paycheck that got delayed by a week it would barely even be a blip on our radar. If he missed a paycheck altogether--say, he got sick and couldn't work--that would be a bit of a hit, but we could take it. (If he got really sick and couldn't work for months on end, though, we'd be up a creek. Dave Ramsey says we ought to get disability insurance. That'd be nice if we had even an inch of wiggle room in our regular monthly budget to begin with...)

On Monday Tad and I arrived to pick Scott up from Schola before Scott was actually finished, so we went in and listened to the last couple of songs and then chatted with everybody. One of the teenage girls saw the baby and said, "Aww, so this is [The Only Sister]'s nephew!!"

I laughed, because I would never have described Tad that way, but yeah, that's who he is. (Also, I find it amusing that TOS apparently talks about him to all her friends, though not surprising since 14-year-old girls are usually pretty into babies.)

I'm starting to really like eBay. It's like a cross between Amazon and Goodwill, which are my current favorite places to shop. I might even get my own PayPal account so that I don't have to ask my mother to buy stuff and have it shipped to me.

Scott has a work shirt that has holes in it, hence the eBay-ing. It's apparently impossible to find men's size small in brick and mortar thrift stores. (Pro tip: eBay has a decent selection of men's small, but an even better selection of boy's XL.) I wanted to buy him some pants as well (he wears 30-30, which is convenient because then I don't have to remember which number is the waist and which the inseam) but then I realized that his ratty pants only look ratty because the hems drag on the ground. So as soon as possible I am going to hack off the bottom few inches and re-hem the pants. That should get him a good bit more use out of them and free up my clothing budget for adorable footie baby pajamas. (We discussed the dearth of footie hand-me-downs the other day.)

Tad and I had a WIC appointment the other day. He weighed 16 pounds and 2 ounces (no wonder my back hurts...), so he should have no trouble doubling his birthweight before his 6-month appointment at the pediatrician. (For those of you not playing along at home: He was 8 lbs 2 oz at birth, but then apparently his father's scrawny genes kicked in and he dropped a bunch of percentiles before finding his curve, leading to much pediatric hand-wringing.)

I weighed 197. Oops. I didn't get scolded for it, though, because the WIC people were too busy fretting about my low iron. (10.6.) Apparently persistent mild anemia is actually a really big deal.

Apparently borrowing a wrap was the push I needed to figure out how to increase the useful life of my sling. Tad and I have been practicing legs-out carries, since he's too big now to have his legs froggied inside. I revolutionized my babywearing life when I realized that when he's legs-out it's much easier to transition him into the cradle hold (for nursing) from the hip carry rather than the snuggle hold.

We're loving the hip carry in general, incidentally, for grocery shopping and stuff. Don't tell the babywearing police that I'm putting my freakishly strong 5-month-old in a carry intended for 6m+.

He loves the sling so much that he basically uses it as a lovey.

Speaking of freakishly strong, he started kinda-sorta creeping this week. He lifts his bottom in the air and wiggles it back and forth like a cat preparing to pounce, but he only manages to fling himself forward an inch or two at a time. It's hilarious and adorable. I'd post a video, but I must ask my internet security consultant (a.k.a. Scott) whether I'm allowed to post a video in which I use the baby's real name on the public internet.

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Ann-Marie Ulczynski said...

Yes, yes, yes to the sling on the hip. All levels of amazingness.

Shakespeare's Cobbler said...

"Scott and I finally watched Frozen the other day. We really liked it."
I believe I said I liked it but there were plot points that were never explained and a central character that was sadly underdeveloped. Although I also said I wish the people who were writing movies like Frozen and Tangled were writing live-action tv/movies for adults, so...