Monday, June 23, 2014

Exercise and The Weekend Of No Parking

Last Monday I up and decided that I was going to start doing some mild core-strengthening exercises. We'll pretend it's because my back basically hasn't stopped hurting since I was about 5 months pregnant, but really it's because Teresa kept asking if I was going to have another baby last time we were visiting. (No.)

So I did them Monday through Thursday. I motivated myself by eating my daily dessert after I exercised. It's kind of fun when you're not exercising to lose weight. Then on Friday I ate my brownie before I exercised so I had no motivation and then Saturday and Sunday we were too busy, but I did crazy amounts of walking on those days so I think that counts as exercise anyway.

On Saturday one of Scott's household brothers was getting ordained in the diocese just across the river, so we drove down, thinking, "Oh, it's only a half-hour drive, we don't even have to leave that early!"

We forgot that when you're going downtown you need to start with 30 minutes of driving time, add 15 minutes of circling around looking for a place to park, and then add another 10 minutes of brisk walking to get you back to where you wanted to be from where you actually parked.

Afterwards we spent 10 minutes walking to our car, 10 minutes driving to the post-ordination reception, and 10 minutes circling around a parking garage and then walk-walk-walking back over to the convention center. (Maybe we should have just walked from the church and saved ourselves the $5. Also, we're really lucky I happened to have exactly $5 in cash in my wallet.)

Anyway, we got home and passed out for a few hours and then cooked a late dinner, watched some TV, and went to bed.

The next day we got up at our usual time, took turns showering/playing with the baby, and then went to our usual 12:30 Mass. We actually pulled into the parking lot at 12:29, which is basically a miracle for us. (The Cobblers are not known for their punctuality.)

Of course, the one day we show up on time is the one day we have to park WAAAAAAY over at the other end of the lot because everybody else was more on time. Even the cry room was super crowded by the time we actually got ourselves back there. (I don't usually sit in the cry room, but during super-crowded Masses I figure a] I might as well save a seat in the main church for somebody who will actually use it, and b] the cry room will actually have space to sit because nobody wants to sit there.)

Then we did a short Corpus Christi procession over to the new adoration chapel. Then we had to wait in line for a long time so we could meet our perpetual adoration division leader and get a certificate and a drink of water and a cookie.

(Then we went over to Scott's parents' to celebrate his birthday, but that's not part of this story.)

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