Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June bullet points

These were going to be Quick Takes, but after two weeks in a row of failing to post them on a Friday, I'm just going to throw them up here. (There are less than 7 because a couple did get rolled into a QT post for this Friday.)

~ The other day, Scott was praising the baby for being so big and commented how it's amazing he got so big just drinking milk. Then for some reason he started explaining to the baby that whales are mammals and they also drink their mothers' milk and they get very fat indeed.

"Whales are basically giant swimming bags of fat," he said.

Then I looked it up and turns out that whale milk is 25-50% fat. (Human milk, by contrast, is about 4.5 percent fat.)

I think it's funny that our son is only 6 months old and we're already having unschoolish moments with him.

~ Youngest Younger Brother and The Only Sister were in the annual homeschool group play a couple of weeks ago. (They were doing "Anne of Green Gables.") I spent the first 20 minutes walking Tad in the lobby until he fell asleep. Then I got to watch about 10 minutes of the play. Then he woke up and started crying again and my father-in-law offered to take him out. They were walking around on the sidewalk outside the theater and everybody could totally still hear Tad screaming his little head off. So I took the baby and nursed him some more and brought him back in at the end of the next act and he started screaming as soon as we came into the theater. It so happened that the end of that act was intermission, so after grabbing some refreshments I just stuffed him in his carseat and hightailed it out of there. Scott got a ride home from his family.

~ Scott and I attempted to pay the Novena for the Seven Gifts in the days leading up to Pentecost. I think we hit about 4 of the 9 days. Oops. (We really ought to renew our de Montfort consecration--I think the last time we did so was December 8, 2012--but can you imagine how long it would take us to finish a 33-day course of prayers?)

~ I went back to therapy two weeks ago. Not because I'm doing badly, but because I'm doing kind of okay and want to keep it that way. I've spent way too much of the past 4 years bouncing in and out of crisis mode, mental-health-wise, so I thought I'd give routine maintenance mode a try.

~ Then last week I had an annual gynecological appointment. (One of my early prenatals counted as an annual, so I was due for another one.) It was very boring. I am currently about 15 pounds up from my pre-pregnancy weight. I blame 5 of those pounds on the baby and 10 on my antidepressants. Now that I'm not taking the antidepressants anymore I suppose I should shed some weight before I have to start blaming my ice cream habit. Anyway, nobody said a peep about my weight, and the dreaded birth control discussion went like this: NP: "Do you need anything for birth control?" Me: "No." NP: *notes down, moves on to next question* I had a whole speech prepared and everything, but I guess I'll have to save it for another time.

~ We went to visit my family this past weekend and Teresa kept insisting that I had another baby in my tummy. Apparently that was enough to motivate me where 10-ish months of persistent lower back pain was not, because I started a routine of core-strengthening stretches yesterday. And by "started a routine" I mean I did them that one time. I should go do them again once I remove this sleeping baby from my lap.

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