Friday, June 20, 2014

Seven Quick Months

Tad is 7 months old today! He doesn't have a pediatrican appointment until 9 months, so no stats, but my mom estimates he weighs about 17.5 pounds based on getting on and off the bathroom scale with him. That scale is not very reliable, though, and I really don't think he's gained a pound and a half in a month given his previous rate of growth and the fact that he's supposed to slow down a little after 6 months. I'd buy 17 pounds even, though.

He continues to do his Drunken Bunny crawl. He's very very fast. I moved my computer to the dining room table so he can't reach the cords and moved my shoes into the bedroom, so then he kept crawling into the kitchen to gnaw on the mat we keep in front of the sink. I do not wash that thing nearly often enough for him to be doing that. So the mat temporarily lives in the bedroom and I'm borrowing a baby gate starting tomorrow. I feel like such a bad mom, curbing my child's desire to EXPLORE, but seriously. Sometimes I need to cook dinner without having to rescue the child from salmonella or e coli every 30 seconds.

About a week and a half ago, we noticed that all of the sudden Tad can sit without propping himself up on his hands. You sit him up and he just stays that way, waving his arms, until something distracts him and he topples over. (Admittedly, it does not take very long for something to distract him.)

Then a couple of days ago he went from a sit to a crawl without flopping over in between. He has yet to pull himself into a sit from crawling, but he has lately started "lounging", where he stops crawling, rolls onto his side, and props himself up on one elbow so he can play with/look at things. I suspect this is the precursor to pulling to a sit.

Lately, his locomotive prowess has been overshadowed by his TEETH. He has three. He got the bottom right incisor first (on the 10th) and then the two top ones (on the 15th). The bottom left has been looking like it's going to break through since before the top ones even started, but it hasn't yet. I hope it does soon and then he waits a while to get any more teeth, because the CRYING, you guys. He is just the saddest baby ever about getting teeth.

He does deeply love these two little freezable teethers we have, though. He hears the freezer door and opens his mouth like a little baby bird. (He is very good at holding them himself, but he never reaches his hands out. He wants it to go right in his mouth, then he'll grab it and hold it.)

We started letting him sample solids on the 8th. He has delicately nibbled on some watermelon, apple (peeled and steamed), and banana without actually swallowing. Then last night we gave him oatmeal and he went to town with it. I cooked it nice and thick so he was able to shovel it in with his hands and get it off a preloaded spoon that I handed to him. (He was amazingly handy with that spoon.) I must admit I don't know if any actually made it into his stomach considering how much was smeared on his person and the high chair when he was done (he got a bath afterwards), but I didn't see him spit any back out.

We kind of gave up on our No-Cry bedtime routine after about a week. We should probably get back on that because Tad's sleep is TERRIBLE. I feel wimpy saying that considering he sleeps a 6-hour stretch most nights now, but that 6-hour stretch is the only decent sleep he gets. The other 18 hours he spends catnapping and crying. It gets rather exhausting after a while--for everybody.

I remember when he was a newborn and everybody would say it went by SO FAST and I was all, "Every hour feels about a century long. I think you just got amnesia from sleep deprivation."

And then I blinked and he's seven months old with a funny lopsided toothy grin and some days every hour still feels about a century long but at the same moment I want him to slow down and be my baby forever.

The nice thing is, no matter how big he gets, he always will be.
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