Sunday, July 6, 2014

Eating log week of 6/30

7/2: Scrambled eggs. (Cooked in microwave again, with no butter or oil or anything.) He really loved these and didn't have anything resembling an allergic reaction, so I'm cautiously optimistic about this particular top allergen. I'm glad since eggs have lots of iron and he had a hard time with beef when we gave that to him.

7/4: MOAR OATMEAL. He really loves this stuff but I'm not sure if it is causing diaper rashes or not. Even if it is, I doubt it's an allergy or intolerance so much as it is the laxative effect of fiber combined with his ridiculous drooling. (Drool rash is totally a thing, right?)

7/5: Paint. Note to self: Crib rails do not make good chew toys.

7/5 part 2: Cardboard. Do we need to feed this child more or what?

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DavidD said...

I seem to remember tooth marks on someone else's crib....