Saturday, July 19, 2014

Food log 7/11 through 7/18: In which I stuff my child full of potential allergens

After my last update (actually, I think while I was writing it) we gave Tad some whole wheat spaghetti. He LOVED it, and did not seem to suffer particularly from ingesting it.

The next day he had some lettuce, which he seemed to like but which made him gag a lot. I mentioned it in passing in my Facebook mom's group and everybody was all, "DUH, you don't give a baby lettuce!" but whatever, it's not on those peanuts/hot dogs-whole grapes lists, so how was I supposed to know except by giving it to him?

A couple of days after that he had tomato. He had a fabulous time mangling that, and I was finding little tomato bits in his diaper for days, so apparently he consumed a fair bit as well despite the faces he made whenever he tasted it. (I know the red flecks weren't from his favorite cardboard box because we moved that to where he can't reach it.)

Then he took a little break from new foods and got some more chicken, which he loved even more than last time. Now that he has five (!) teeth, he can do a pretty good job shredding it up with his incisors.

Finally, yesterday he had scrambled egg with cheese. He ate this with even more gusto than plain scrambled eggs, and nearly 24 hours later hasn't reacted a bit. He even slept decently last night. We'll see how he does with yogurt and things later on.

He still likes chewing on the furniture, alas.

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