Friday, July 25, 2014

Seven Quick Takes: 8 months

A collection of random baby-related things amassed over the last two weeks.

Tad turned 8 months old earlier this week. It's been a banner month for motor milestones. He's definitely mastered sitting--he can switch from a crawl to a sit and back, reach for toys without toppling over, etc. He's also mastered cross-crawling rather than lolloping about like a drunken bunny. And as soon as he mastered those skills he started pulling up on the furniture. Now he can sit back down from a standing position and stand holding on with only one hand. Crazy baby.

His new favorite thing (I guess this is sort of a milestone too) is picking up two blocks--or any hard sort of object--and banging them together repeatedly. If he's feeling really fancy, he'll suck on one and bang the other against the stationary one. (That sounds more complicated than it is.)

On the second Sunday of this month, we were at coffee-and-donuts at the nearby Latin Mass parish. I ended up talking to a lady who has twins about 6 weeks older than Tad and another lady with a little girl about 3 weeks younger. Both of them commented on how BIG Tad was, which was really funny because he's not even that big for a 7/8-month-old--their babies were just...more small.

On the other hand, I offered him some fruit salad and he dumped it all on the floor, whereas the twins were gobbling blueberries and the other baby was obediently opening her mouth for some fruit puree. So he was behind them in that regard.

Since my last update Tad has tried rice, yogurt, and corn. The yogurt was his favorite, I think, maybe because it was cold. (I blended it with a frozen banana and plopped it on his tray so he could play with it/lick it off his hands. He also ended up with a couple of spoons that I pre-loaded for him.)

I was surprised by how quickly he figured out rice. He eats it by smashing it with his hands and then licking off the grains that have stuck to his fingers. I'm not sure if he can eat corn of his own accord; I was helping him a little by offering him some on a pre-loaded fork or the tip of my finger (both of which he grabs and stuffs into his mouth). He's gotten very good at using utensils--pops the business end right in his mouth and pulls it back out empty.

Last Saturday Scott and I had our monthly ice cream date at the local park. Afterwards we all went for a walk on the trail and ended up accidentally walking three miles. The first mile or two I had a great time talking to Scott (Tad fell asleep in the sling after about a quarter mile) and then after that I wanted somebody to carry *me* the rest of the way. (Scott was carrying the diaper bag and stuff so it wouldn't have really helped to have him carry the baby.) My shoulder is still a little sore; I've been trying to alternate sides with the ring sling to give it a rest.

Did I mention that we signed up for a Holy Hour on Sunday afternoons? Because we did. It actually works out pretty well--we pack up a lunch and go to 12:30 Mass and eat and then do our 2:00 Holy Hour. Scott and I agreed to take shifts looking after the baby, but so far he usually falls asleep after about 15 minutes and sleeps until we get home at 3:30.

Yesterday I took Tad to the pediatrician because he'd been crying off and on for the better part of three days and I figured we should rule out ear infection or anything like that. His ears and lungs and everything are fine, and the doctor said she thought she saw more teeth coming in, so it's safe to keep blaming things on teeth.

He got weighed at the appointment (though not measured) and was 18 pounds and 17 ounces. No wonder he's seemed so heavy lately. That's an increase of 2 pounds and 5 ounces since his 6-month checkup, or about 4.5 ounces per week. (And KellyMom says that 4 ounces is the upper end for 6 month + babies!) He only has solids once a day at best, so you know that's just my awesome milk at work. (Actually, my theory is that getting his tongue and lip ties fixed probably made a difference in his milk transferring abilities. But maybe it's all just random and I'm reading way too much into it.)

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