Saturday, August 2, 2014

Food log 7/26 through 8/1

July 26: Ground beef with onion. I was making chili for dinner and decided to separate out some of the ingredients for the baby. He'd had beef before but gagged a lot; onion was a new thing.

He liked it a lot and did fabulously; apparently his moving-food-in-the-mouth skills have improved since the first time he had ground beef.

July 27: MOAR PASTA. He still loves it, and had nothing resembling an allergic reaction or intolerance.

July 28: Eggs cooked in butter. He's had eggs before and loved them. The butter was new, part of my attempts to insidiously introduce dairy. Nothing of note took place.

July 29: Green beans cooked in butter. He had a grand time with these. They were fresh green beans from the farmer's market, so nice and long, perfect for little baby hands to grip so that little baby teeth can shred.

July 30: Banana. We went over to Liza Jane's house because she was trying to offload some pasta (and we all love pasta, as aforementioned). She offered us all bananas to snack upon and Tad impressed her by gripping half a banana in his little fist and gnawing at the end. I didn't know he could do that, so I was impressed too. Those babies, always getting new skills.

July 31: Ground pork. I had been at Kroger earlier that day and managed to snatch up some meat on deep discount. The grownups got a psuedo-sausage dish; the baby got plain ground pork. He seemed to enjoy employing his ground-beef-eating skillz on this new food.

August 1: Scrambled eggs cooked with milk. More insidious dairy introduction. He spent a displeasing percentage of last night screaming, but I don't know if that's because his tummy hurts from too much dairy or because he's a baby and therefore prone to fits of pique. Further experimentation will be required.

Bonus: List of foods the baby has eaten so far with no reaction, not even a diaper rash:






This list is low on vegetables because they tend to make him gassy. I'm guessing this is a coincidence or a sign of a gut unused to fiber more than an intolerance, but I'm a highly anxious overachiever currently working as a stay-at-home mom; I have to expend my mental energies on something and obsessively tracking my baby's eating might as well be it.

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