Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Food log 8/2 through 8/12

8/2: Hamburger, watermelon - We went to a La Leche League event (in honor of World Breastfeeding Week) and Tad impressed everyone by destroying a hamburger patty and a slice of watermelon the size of his head. How much he actually ate I don't know, but he certainly enjoyed himself.

8/3: Watermelon, avocado - We went to Scott's parents' house and they had slices of watermelon too! While Tad was destroying another slice I picked some avacado hunks out of my salad and stuck them on his tray. He enjoyed those too. He made people nervous, but I like to think we worked on some BLW education. Either that or I convinced my in-laws once and for all that I am shockingly nonchalant about my baby's safety. (YEB: "How does he handle the seeds in that watermelon?" Me: *looks at baby* "Apparently pretty well." Everybody: "Is he going to hurt himself with that fork?" Me: "He's fine. If he pokes himself in the eye he'll learn not to do it again." Only Scott's dad laughed at that one.)

8/5: Corn on the cob - I will have to see if Scott will let me post a video. Summary: This was a HUGE hit and Tad was very possessive of his corncob and wouldn't let anyone help him hold it.

8/6: Green beans with parmesan and olive oil - After he ate these he got a tiny pink splotch on his cheek which probably wasn't even hives but it made me super nervous and I declared (internally) that he was never having green beans or dairy or olive oil again. You will see how long that resolution lasted later on in this post.

8/7: Tomatoes with pasta - We were having farfalle with actual farmer's market fresh tomatoes. Tad got a tomato slice and a handful of plain noodles. He had fun.

8/8: Green beans with butter, corn on the cob - We had another meal of chicken, fresh green beans, and fresh corn. We tried to pacify Tad with some green beans while the boiling-hot corn cooled down a bit, but he was not impressed. Note to self: Don't eat corn on the cob in front of the baby unless you have an ear cool and ready to hand over.

8/10: Apple; beef with onion and garlic - After church we were sitting around eating lunch before our Holy Hour. I had an apple and I got the bright idea to bite off some of the skin and let Tad chew the flesh. That worked fine except then he didn't want to give it back! I must remember to either peel it all the way before I give it to him or just let him have a whole apple. (Opinions of the members of my Facebook mom's group are split on whether this is a great idea or OH NO CHOKING HAZARD.)

8/11: Applesauce with cinnamon; sweet potato fries cooked in butter - My mom and siblings came by for a quick weekday visit and we went to Chick-fil-a for lunch. Tad got his very own applesauce pouch. I had to squeeze it for him (I made sure to only squeeze when it was NOT in his mouth, in order to maintain a semblance of baby-led-ness), but he enjoyed sucking dribbles of applesauce off the end and chewing on the pouch and whatnot.

Then at dinnertime I made sweet potato fries in butter and he messily devoured one of those.

8/12: Eggs scrambled in soybean oil; chicken - I decided to keep up the pattern of two solid meals per day (I tracked his nursing on Monday and he's still doing that about every 2 hours, so I doubt more solids will hurt his milk intake...), so I gave him some leftover scrambled eggs. They were cooked in "vegetable oil" (which was really legume oil, since it was made from soybeans) that we got from Liza Jane when she unloaded a bunch of pasta and things onto us a few weeks ago. He was exceptionally fussy last night, so perhaps his tummy was a bit upset, but everything was normal at the other end, so if he's soy intolerant it must be the mildest case ever.

Then for dinner I made chicken noodle soup and set some chicken aside for him. I have started a bag of veggie refuse (so far sweet potato peels, carrot peels, and celery leaves) in the freezer in the hopes of someday making chicken stock--I read the ingredients in the can of bouillon and I really don't much like the idea of feeding that to my little baby, so I am trying to learn new skills. (Plus there's less waste!)

The end.

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