Friday, August 8, 2014

Seven Quick Takes: Mei Tais, Milestones, and Mondays

Back at the end of July, Tad and I were very naughty and spent our August allowances on an Infantino Sash.

Fortunately, it has already proven indispensable in my babywearing arsenal. The sling is still our favorite for short trips/going in and out of the car, but the mei tai is a lot easier on my shoulders when I am spending hours and hours pacing the baby back and forth because his teeth hurt too much for him to sleep unless he's in constant motion.

Scott, on the other hand, is still pining for the Ergo we borrowed from a friend for a little while a few months ago. I guess we know what Tad is going to save his allowance/birthday/Christmas money for.

(I don't plan on paying full price for one; I see them on sale gently used for about $70-80 all the time. That's still more than Tad has right now.)

The whole food thing really seems to have clicked with Tad in the last couple of weeks. He would stick food in his mouth before, certainly, but he sticks everything in his mouth. Now, when you give him food he actually seems to be eating it with purpose, and he understands what we're doing when we eat food--to the point where he'll crawl up, put his hands on our knees in the posture of supplication, and open his mouth like a baby bird.

He also started clapping a couple of weeks ago and now does it all the time. It's especially adorable when he does it after nursing or upon seeing me donning the mei tai.

Just a few days later, he accomplished another hand-using milestone by making the sign for "milk." It's obviously an imitation of my signing, but I'm not sure he's entirely clear on what it means yet. He uses it a lot while nursing and when he's hungry, but then sometimes uses it when he's bored or unhappy or otherwise just wants me to pay attention to him and fix whatever ails him. Then again, milk is kind of the cure-all for a baby's woes, so maybe he does know what it means.

Tad's standing skills are improving at an alarming rate. He can hold on with only one hand now--which also means that he's started cruising. We don't have a lot of long pieces of furniture, so he doesn't generally get very far, but it's still getting more and more obvious that he's on the very cusp of walking.

I've been using all my many IQ points figuring out how to babyproof various things. For example, I want to keep the patio door open to save on air conditioning, but I don't want the baby falling through the screen, between the rails, and onto the pavement below. So I have an extra-large box lid propped up in the doorway. He can (and does) stand up against it and look out, but he can't get over it or through it.

I also moved the pack-and-play in front of our bookcases. It was adorable watching him grab encyclicals off the shelf and wave them around while babbling emphatically (obviously practicing for future homilies), but it was less adorable when he would rip off pieces of book covers with his razor-sharp teeth and proceed to ingest them. So the bookcases are blocked off until he further refines his ability to understand the concepts of "food" and "not food."

Did I ever mention that Elder Elder Brother, Mrs. Eeb, and the Eeblings have moved back to Ohio? Because they did. Younger Elder brother and his wife were visiting the ancestral home this past weekend, so on Sunday Scott and Tad and I went over there and all 7 siblings were under one roof for the first time in more than 4 years. Pictures were taken, but none have made it onto Facebook yet. Not that I could post them here even if they had been.

Monday was an interesting day in our household. First my computer refused to connect to the internet, so I tried to check Facebook and other such essentials on Scott's computer while he was getting ready for work. Then Scott's computer decided to crash and we couldn't get it to start up again. He thinks the CPU is fried; apparently we're hoping it's not the motherboard. We'll find out tomorrow after he gets the last essential fix-the-CPU part in the mail.

Then Monday afternoon Tad and I went down for a nap and around 4:15 I heard the phone ring and thought about answering it and then fell asleep for an hour and a half. Scott decided that instead of waiting for me to answer the phone, he'd just walk home from the bus stop. This led to much back-and-forth once I finally woke up and went looking for him. (He left a message on my cell phone, but then he wasn't answering his cell phone, and this is all boring so why am I writing it all out?) Anyway, eventually he got home and I made dinner and all was right with the world.

Speaking of dinner...

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