Friday, October 17, 2014

Seven Quick Takes: Apartment hunting, funny kid stuff, and giveaways

Scott had a day off on Monday. The first thing he did was sleep in; the second thing he did was wake up to find me getting all weepy because I can't handle my life on a normal week and apartment hunting was pushing me over the edge.

He told me to go take a nap and he would call apartments. I ended up eating lunch and doing some dishes first, and then the baby and I both took a nap from about 2-4. And Scott did call apartments.

He wins the Husband of the Week award for sure.

Apartment hunting has actually made some progress. We saw one place yesterday evening and are seeing another tomorrow afternoon. (These two are out of about 8 places we contacted this week; the rest were dead ends.) I'd like to look at a few more places if possible, but two is a lot better than zero!

Last night's apartment got put on the "definitely maybe" list. It's near the top of our price range, but it's a decent place and has an itty-bitty playground and is within walking distance of the bus line that takes Scott to work. (Which could affect our pricing calculations--if he actually walks to the bus stop that would save us a fair bit of gas money.)

It didn't wow me, though. The floor plan we're looking at has a really large living/dining area (which Scott really liked), but the kitchen is tiny (I wouldn't have thought it possible to have a kitchen smaller than the one we have now) and the bedrooms are pretty tiny as well. Plus the playground I mentioned above is RIGHTUPNEXTTO this little fenced dog-run area. I can just see trying to take Tad to the playground and having to spend the entire time keeping him from sticking his arms through the fence.

Language development update!

- The sign for "milk" has reappeared. It was super adorable the one time I was getting ready to nurse him and he realized what I was doing and smiled beatifically and made the sign for "milk" before latching on and nursing away happily.

Then again, he did pretty much the same thing when I gave him a spoonful of chili, so he might be a little confused on what "milk" means.

- New word: Uh-oh. I started saying this whenever he drops his food off his high chair and after a few days he started echoing: "Ut!" Then earlier this evening he knocked a book off the end table and said it spontaneously, and Scott understood him.

These are Buzz Lightyear jammies he inherited from his uncle.
He reached a somewhat more terrifying milestone yesterday: He can grab things that are hanging off the edge of the kitchen counter. I guess this will motivate me to keep up with the dishes so there are fewer sharp knives and breakables within reach.

Somewhat related story: This morning Tad woke up cranky and I still had to get breakfast together, so I tried standing him up on a chair (backwards, so he could hold onto the back). I had this idyllic vision of him watching me curiously while I chatted and cooked, all domestic-like.

Instead he tried to climb onto the counter, using the arm of the chair as a step. He was very miffed when I moved his chair further back so he couldn't reach.

--- 5 ---

Random things I want to remember:

-When I pull a hair out of his mouth (he tries to eat stray pieces of hair a lot) and he makes this adorable little scrunchy face over the way it feels.

- When he's sitting on the floor (legs straight out in front of him) and something interesting happens behind him and he scoots himself around in a circle using his feet in order to see what's up.

Now for some stories of my younger siblings, because they don't get enough blog time anymore.

My dad posts on Facebook:

Teresa colored a picture of me last night where I had green hair.
Me: "Why's my hair green?"
Teresa: "Because I couldn't find a gray crayon."

My mom comments:

Well at least she gave you hair.

He might need some aloe vera for that burn.

Later, my mom posts this:

I got our duffles down since Andrea wanted to start packing. TJ wanted to pack too. While I was helping her Matthew was fussing about packing too. I told him later and so he started to get stuff out of his drawers. Well he put one swim diaper his trunks and swim shirt in the duffle and declared himself done.

That's all an almost-three-year-old boy needs for vacation, apparently. (Notice how I refrain from telling you where they're going or how long they'll be gone or anything. Don't steal their stuff, internet stalkers.)

Now, if you don't mind, I would like to point you in the direction of House Unseen Found on Zillow's latest giveaway. Because if I blog about it, I might win stuff. And if you go over and enter yourself, you might win stuff. And if we don't win, at least we found out about non-toxic cleaning products for our children who like to lick the floors.

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