Friday, October 10, 2014

Seven Quick Takes: High needs and food

And here I am throwing out quick takes on Friday evening again. It's been a rough week here. I am not quite sure what's up; Tad has been chewing on his hands like there's no tomorrow so I'm inclined to say teeth but I'm not emotionally ready for molars yet. (I suppose he could be getting his canines out of order. Would that be better or worse than molars?) I also had somebody point out that there's a "Wonder Week" from 42-46 weeks old. Tad was 46 weeks on Wednesday (according to my Bump emails), but since he was early technically he's 43 weeks for WW purposes. That would make sense with his mood and sleep worsening last week. I am going with that theory because it means I can pretend this will be over in another 2.5 weeks or so.

Yesterday (Thursday) morning was the worst, with Tad waking up screaming at 4 a.m., going back down at 7, and then waking up *again* at 8. I had been planning on going to our monthly LLL meeting, but was feeling so depressed I almost skipped it out of sheer inertia. At 9:50 I decided we might as well be miserable somewhere else, so I changed Tad's diaper, stuck him in a sleeper (he had been undressed so he could eat an apple for breakfast), and schlepped down to the car. I arrived at the meeting at 10:05 (yes, it's really close) and literally walked into the middle of a conversation about how stressful and isolating it can be to have a high-needs baby. I'm definitely glad I didn't skip after all.

(One of the leaders said that LLL meetings probably have a higher than usual ratio of high-needs babies because their mothers are the ones who come to meetings desperate for help because their baby doesn't do what the books say he's supposed to.)

I was going to post a video of Tad pushing a box around the apartment, but I can't figure out how to make it not sideways, so I will talk about his language development instead.

Milk: The sign for this hasn't really resurfaced, but he has a "muh muh muh muh" sound that seems to be associated with "I want you to pick me up and nurse me."

All done: As I was writing this post, the baby was eating pizza. Once all his pizza was done, he said something like "gih dih" and raised his hand, palm up. (I wonder if the g sound is a conflation with "Do you want to get down?", which is something we usually ask when he's stuck on the furniture, not in his high chair. But he's a smart baby.) This is an evolution of his previous version of the "all done" sign, which involved smacking himself in the head. (And the associated sound is new.)

Mama: When I walk out of the room or otherwise am unreachable, he says "MA MA MA MA" insistently until I come over and pick him up. (This sound is distinct from the "muh muh" of milk, above.)

No: Another of his favorite babble strings is "nih nih nih nih", which seems to be associated with doing something he doesn't want us to do, like changing his diaper or strapping him into the carseat.

"Mama" is the only one that Scott has verified as being used in a decidedly word-like way. So odds are I'm making at least 75% of this up. But what's the point of being a neurotic first-time mom if I can't do that?

Tad is basically in love with Elsa at this point. I'd feel bad, but the 10 minutes he spent watching "Let It Go" on repeat on YouTube (while holding onto a chair and "dancing") turned out to be the only time I had today to stuff some diapers for him. I think he'd rather have a slightly rotten brain than have to sit in the same diaper for hours.

Plus, I don't think he really understands how screen time works. He gets just as excited about sitting on the kitchen floor staring at the microwave whenever I heat stuff up in there. Weird baby.

I've been working on a birthday/Christmas wish list for Tad on Amazon for probably four months (I like to plan ahead!) and realized the other day that it has 17 items on it. I was worried we'd look greedy, but then I sorted by price and noted that of those 17 items, 3 are under $5 (board books ftw), 6 more are between $5 and $10, and another 6 are between $10 and $20.

The only really expensive things are this block set and an Ergo. And the Ergo is just on there for my own reference. I should probably take it down before I give the list to anyone but my mother.

Food continues to be by far the best way to keep him entertained for any length of time. On Tuesday he spent literally a full hour eating an apple. (Well, mainly chewing off the skin and spitting it out, but it took far less than an hour to pick apple shavings up off the floor afterwards, so that was a net gain.)

Since I started him on three meals a day (did I mention that?) I've been trying to figure out a way to incorporate more vegetables. He ate frozen peas for lunch almost every day one week because I couldn't think of anything better. So this week I increased my crunchy mom cred by buying an avacado. I hope it keeps for a while, because nobody else likes avacado and he can't eat that much in one sitting.

I can't remember where, but I recently read a suggestion to use ground oatmeal as a substitute for bread crumbs. I tried this with some parmesan-breaded pork chops yesterday and it actually worked really well. I did not tell Scott about it, so we'll have to ask him if he noticed any difference from regular bread crumbs.

I've been sticking with my exercise New Month's Resolution so far. I did slack off on the water drinking for a few days (apparently that habit didn't get cemented enough in a month), but I pretty much immediately noticed the effects and got back in the saddle.

Even though none of my resolutions thus far have been food-related, I've been thinking about food more since I started. It occurred to me that I should eat more protein and vegetables (I eat about the right amount of dairy and fruit, and waaaaaay too many carbs). Then it occurred to me that the reason I don't eat more protein and vegetables is that they're much harder to prepare than the other food groups. I mean, if the time it takes to play through "Let It Go" is the only time I have to get myself a snack, I'm getting a bowl of ice cream, not peeling a few carrots or cooking up an omelette.

Maybe my resolution for next month should be to get rich and hire a personal chef.

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Shakespeare's Cobbler said...

Before you have anybody buy block sets, we should see if my parents can find the one my siblings and I had when we were growing up.

The breading on the porkchops was softer than usual and held together better than usual. That seems to be a net gain. It was otherwise not noticeably different; oatmeal and bread are kinda both just grains ground up to different degrees, right?