Friday, October 3, 2014

Seven Quick Takes that get kind of sentimental at the end

I keep thinking of posts to write and not writing them. I have a housekeeping post (as in actual housekeeping, not blogging-about-blogging housekeeping) that is a little too involved for a Quick Take, I have at least two posts about PPD and related matters, I have a recipe or two I want to put up...but at the same time all this thinking has me too inwardly focused to write.

I have been keeping up with my September resolution to drink more water. I still don't feel like it's habitual. I had a good groove going for a while when I was pregnant and I'd basically get a snack/small meal and refill my water cup every 2-3 hours. Now I have a small needy person hanging off me all the time, so that kind of intense focus on my own bodily needs is not really possible.

My new month's resolution for October is to do at least 5 minutes of stretching-type exercises every day. 10 months postpartum, I still have no core strength at all and it's having a major negative impact on my ability to live my life and I'm sick of it.

The goal is only 5 minutes for two reasons: 1) I am that out of shape. 2) I get bored easily--thanks to #1, there are only a tiny handful of exercises I can do without hurting myself, and you really can't just keep cycling through those for 10 or 15 or more minutes.

Tad's interest in food is continuing to increase. I usually give him a normal child-sized portion (so, maybe 1/3 to 1/2 of an adult-sized portion) simply because he makes such a mess I figure only about 10% makes it into his mouth, so he needs a fairly big portion.

Lately, though, I've been having to clean a lot less off his tray and his seat and the floor. He ate pretty much all of a hamburger patty last week, and just today ate probably a cup of macaroni and cheese.

I haven't been obsessively tracking his eating habits for a few weeks now, but I might start up again--not to watch for allergic reactions, but just to make sure he's getting enough vegetables and things now that he's getting a substantial amount of calories from his solids instead of just using them as a garnish for breastmilk.

His eighth tooth is definitely fully out now, yet somehow he's still chomping on his hands and drooling all over the place. There should really be a break in between the incisors and the molars. I need to contact some kind of Mom Union representative about this.

When we move to our new place and get all settled and hopefully totally toddler-proof the bedroom, I am probably going to crack down on his sleep habits. He's still not going to cry-it-out or anything, but he desperately needs better sleep and the grownups do too. So, we're checking out all the No-Cry Sleep Solution books ever written and he's going to have regular naptimes and all of that. For at least a week until I give up and let him do whatever he wants again.

Speaking of apartments, we have called a few places this week, but for various reasons have not yet actually scheduled any tours. Next week I will be running down the rest of my list--as much as my socially anxious brain can handle, anyway--and hopefully we'll at least get some good leads, because hey, we're supposed to move NEXT MONTH. Eek.

(When we got this apartment, we toured it one weekend and signed the lease the next and got married the weekend after that. It was a crazy month.)

He still can't quite walk, but he's been making strides (ha ha) in the talking department. I swear he's said "Mama" twice, though Scott is not convinced, and his babbling is getting more sophisticated. Instead of just repeating the same syllable over and over, he does these long strings of different consonants and vowels--and his inflection is down pat. It sounds exactly as if he's holding a conversation, just without any intelligible words.

As much as the sleep deprivation and the continual crying and everything else get to me--there are so many moments where he is just so precious it makes my heart hurt and I remember why I wanted to do this. I sat down and played with the shape sorter with him the other day and it just blew his little mind that I could get the blocks into the holes--so he sat and worked at it for a couple of days until he figured out how to get one in. (At which point I applauded and made much of him.) I put on YouTube videos for him and he dances, swaying back and forth with a big grin on his face. I sing for him and he dances even more enthusiastically and grins even more widely. Because the way he delights me on my best days--that's how he feels about me every day of his life.

It makes me want to be better just so someday I can be half as awesome as he thinks I am.

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RAnn said...

Are you on a regular schedule? Do you try to get up (and get him up) at the same time every day; stay active until naptime, let him sleep no later than a certain time, keep him active again and then put him to bed at the same time every night? That's as important, IMO as deciding whether to use cry it out, back patting or mama holding him. Especially when they are portable, it is so easy to decide you are going to get something done and either let them sleep too long, or stay up too long etc. Any good daycare will tell you they don't have sleep issues because they get the kids on a schedule and get them tired. Its hard to decide to get out of bed and that you are going to get him up at 8 if you were up with him on and off all night, but that's the choice you have to make. Get up, get him some exercise, feed him lunch and then have naptime until 2 or 3 (whichever works for you--but do the same length nap daily, even if you wake a cranky kid for a couple of days. Make sure he gets plenty of activity/exercise after naptime, have dinner, get him bathed and in bed by 8. I don't think it matters whether you do the cry it out or the pat the back or whatever at that point; if he's tired, he'll go to sleep.

DavidD said...

Re take six: my mom used to babysit this little girl who had only a few words in her vocabulary but she would string them together with nonsense syllables into a sentence--something like "Amana amana water" or "Amana amana eat" when she was thirsty or hungry.