Monday, November 10, 2014

Language update

Because I might not get around to doing a whole Quick Takes post anytime soon.

New sign of the day: "Cup." This one was hard to get; what he did was smack the back of his right hand with his left until his stupid mom finally figured it out and gave him a cup of water. And then of course he didn't drink it, just played with it. He's not really into drinking water at the moment; I think he knows that if he waits until he's done eating he'll get breastmilk.

He also lifts his arms into the air (like the "Touchdown!" gesture) when something exciting happens. He'll do this repeatedly until you say "Yay!" and then he stops, satisfied. I don't know if that counts as a sign or if it's more of a gesture, like waving or clapping.

His complete vocabulary, in order (signs are in quotation marks, actual spoken words are not):

"All done"

According to "What to Expect: The Second Year" this kind of vocabulary would be average for a baby of about 16 months. Tad won't even be 12 months until next week.

Like any self-respecting first-time mom, I am thoroughly convinced that my child is a genius.


DavidD said...

I think it says a lot that he's forming sentences: "Na na na na (cup)"--words punctuated by nonsense syllables--at 12 months.

(OK, it's actually nonsense syllables punctuated by words, but still...)

The Sojourner said...

Oh, but "Na na na" isn't babbling, remember? It means "no." So, basically, I was asking him if he wanted more, if he wanted this or that, and he kept saying, "No! Cup!"

Now I've gone from thinking he's a genius to being pretty sure he's going to take over the world by the time he's three.

Sheila said...

First children usually are faster with language acquisition. How could they not be, with us hovering over them saying "did he say cup? I think he said cup!" Second children get less attention and therefore talk later. I remember Michael was barely talking at 18 months and I thought he must be addled in the head .... nope, two months later he was talking in sentences. Go figure.

The Sojourner said...

My little brother barely said "Mama" at 18 months. The ped said that if he wasn't talking more by two she'd refer him for an evaluation. They came back for his 2-year checkup and the ped asked after his speech. My mom: "He talks so much we wish he'd be quiet occasionally."

I am kind of looking forward to having a second or third kid and being chill about everything, but in the meantime I'm just going to enjoy the ride of this obsessively-document-every-move stage of parenthood. ;)