Saturday, November 1, 2014

Seven Quick Halloween Takes with lots of pictures

Tad turned 11 months old last Monday. He "celebrated" for a week by staying up fussing and crying and fighting sleep until 11 p.m. almost every night. Then we had a good 3-4 days where he went to bed easy at night, fought his naps less than usual, and was generally cheerful during the day. I hoped that we would get a little break until his next Wonder Week (due to arrive shortly after his birthday next month.)

No such luck. The last three nights have been terrible--up until 12 a.m., up until 11 p.m., asleep at 8 but awake and screaming nonstop from 11:30 to 12:30...We're really tired of this one month on, 3 days off pattern he's had going, let me tell you.

Funny story, though, about the Sleepless Wonder: About two weeks ago, we were driving to look at an apartment and he was tired so he was sitting in his carseat moaning loudly in an attempt to keep himself awake. (He does this a lot.) Scott said, "You sound kind of like your mother did right before she gave birth to you."

The hilarious thing is, he totally does sound just like that.

Recently I've noticed that he can stand independently (i.e. not even holding on with one hand) for a few wobbly seconds at a time. When he's done he doesn't even fall over--he either grabs on to the nearest baby-shoulder-height object, or he lowers himself carefully into a squat and then carries on crawling around getting into mischief.

You can tell he really wants to walk--he'll be standing there, nonchalantly leaning one hand on the dishwasher, and I'll try to coax him to take a step or two towards me. He'll think about it, swaying back and forth like a cat getting ready to pounce, and then drop onto all fours and crawl towards me instead, grinning happily at his clever solution to the problem of not being able to walk.

He did this "revving the engine" thing for a while before he learned how to properly crawl on all fours (you may recall that he flopped along on his belly for a while before that), so I suspect walking is just around the corner.

Tad's fine motor skills are developing apace--He can stack two blocks (apparently quite the feat for an 11-month-old, according to the What To Expect books I've read) and accurately put rings on his ring-stacker; the nuances of the shape-sorter still elude him despite valiant efforts.

We're beginning to suspect he might be naturally left-handed. He uses his right hand for plenty of things, but when he needs to do anything particularly tricky--pick up a frozen pea, attempt to fit a block into a shape-sorter hole, etc.--he uses his left. I guess we'll see what happens in a few years.

(Scott and I are both right-handed, but one of Scott's brothers is left-handed and my grandfather was naturally left-handed [though functionally ambidextrous, because that's what happens when you learn to write in the early '40s.], so Tad's genetic odds are perhaps slightly higher than the average offspring of two righties.)

Word of the week:

More: He produced a reasonable approximation of the sign for "more" last week. I've been pushing this one because for the past week or two he's been using "all done" to mean both "I'm ready to get down" and "My food is gone and I would like more." It's a little confusing.

The normal sign for more involves making your hands into beak shapes and sort of tapping them together. (Or at least that's how I do it. I freely admit I could be doing it wrong.) Tad does it by making one hand into a beak and tapping the back of his other hand. It almost looks like he's tapping his watch in the universal gesture of impatience, except of course he doesn't wear a watch.

I've been working on getting him to say "Daddy." He obviously knows who I'm talking about (if I say "Where's Daddy?" he turns and looks at Scott), but so far has absolutely no interest in talking about him.

Last night we went Trick-or-Treating with Elder Elder Brother and his son. (The girl-child had been around a few streets before we got there and then decided it was too cold.) Tad dressed up as a panda bear and ate half a Kit-Kat. After his midnight scream-fest he's not getting any more Kit-Kats for a while, just in case.

On his grandparents' doorstep

He really enjoyed the Kit-Kat.

My most recent culinary accomplishment: Chicken alfredo pizza with spinach on a garlic-butter crust. I made the crust the usual way, except of course with a good sprinkle of garlic powder, and then I coated it in softened butter before putting it in the oven for the first bake.

Scott loved this, even though he normally looks askance at spinach, and Tad ate a pretty sizeable slice himself. (Probably about 1/16 of the total pizza.)

The whole apartment hunting/moving process proceeds slowly but surely; I should have a more interesting update for you all next week. Or the week after that, or whenever I get around to blogging again.

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