Sunday, January 11, 2015

7QT 1/9/15

A very informal and rather belated post.

1. Tad has slept so badly this week, you guys. I'm not even going to talk about it except to beg pardon for any ridiculous spelling or grammar errors that might occur in the course of writing this post.

I would like to note, for posterity, one sign of actual progress, though: He does sometimes sleep for short periods by himself. It used to be he would wake within 15 or 20 minutes if I dared to not be right next to him, but now the times when he wakes up in 20 minutes are "bad naps" and "good naps" can last over an hour. It doesn't make up for his terrible sleep otherwise, but it gives me hope that he might actually sleep someday.

2. I believe I mentioned in a previous Quick Takes post that Tad started taking a few unassisted steps here and there at the beginning of December. He made incremental progress in the month since his first step, working up to about a dozen steps at a time.

Well, on Wednesday evening (while he was Not Sleeping and Scott and I were watching classic Doctor Who), Tad let go of the couch and walked all the way across the living room--10 feet at least--without falling even once, though he did pause a few times to give himself a round of applause.

Since then he's been toddling all over the house, turning corners and navigating around toys (we have lots of toys on the floor) and doing all sorts of fancy stuff. And clapping for himself all the while.

He does still drop down and crawl when he really wants to get some speed, though.

3. I think I lied about his expressive language hitting a plateau. Some new developments the last few weeks:

- When playing with his toy cars, he will say "Brrrrru" and "Bee bee!" Meaning, of course, "Vroom!" and "Beep beep!"

- When he wants food, he will make sure we're looking at him (usually by squawking at us) and then stare at us while making very exaggerated and deliberate chewing motions. I try to use the word "food" and the sign for it whenever I feed him, so I'm not sure why he does it this way, but it's pretty hilarious.

(If you count vroom, beep beep, and the unconventional sign for "food" all as words, he's up to 11. I am really not sure those count, though.)

- "Ut!" for Uh-oh has turned more into "Ah-oh!" and "Gahgy" for Daddy has turned into "Dada." (I am not sure where the y sound went--I guess that might be sort of a lateral move instead of a step forward.)

- The other day, while nursing, he unlatched, said, "Ah duh!" (All done) and then shook his head "no" and went back to nursing. I think that might count as a sentence. Or having a conversation with himself. Or something.

4. In order for the next language update to make sense, I must interrupt by talking about the Christmas gifts Tad got from the S side of the family. (We had "second Christmas" with them on New Year's Day.)

He got a set of toy pots and pans from his grandparents, a pound-and-roll toy from one aunt and uncle (in other words, there are balls and a hammer and a sort of box thing with holes), and a Mega Bloks dump truck from another aunt and uncle. He loves all of these toys to bits. I am waiting for the novelty to wear off and then I really am going to box up about half of his toys and stick them in a closet and rotate periodically. He's a year old, you guys, and already has SO MANY TOYS.

5. Anyway, some receptive language leaps I've noticed lately:

- A few days after we got the dump truck, Scott was being annoyed by the baby, so he told him, "Go see what's inside your dump truck" and made a dumping-out motion a few times. The baby actually figured out what he was trying to say and went and looked inside the dump truck! I thought that was especially impressive since he'd only had the dump truck a couple of days.

- After one of the many, many times he escaped from my floor-changing-station in the middle of a diaper change, I told him, "[Tad], you have to get your diaper changed." In response, he shook his head at me and kept right on crawling away.

- He has known for a while how to make his hand into a fist so it's easier to get into sleeves. I am now having some success training him to make putting a coat or shirt on easier in other ways. For example, I generally hand him a toy while getting him dressed to keep him distracted, but of course most toys do not fit through a sleeve. So I put the sleeve on his free arm while saying, "One arm," and then I say "Two arm" and every now and then, Tad takes the hint and switches the toy to his first arm so I can put his second arm through the sleeve. (When he doesn't, I help him out a little.)

(The one arm/two arm phrasing arose from the fact that I tend to count things while dressing sock two sock, one sleeve two sleeve, one mitten two mitten...)

6. On Friday we bundled up well and went to a playdate. Tad still doesn't play much with other children; instead he went off by himself with a toy telephone and sat happily holding it to the side of his head and chirping, "Dada? Dada?"

I think that's a remarkable level of imaginative/abstract play for his age, but maybe he thought it was a real phone and was trying to get Dada to rescue him from socializing. :)

7. I finally generated myself a patron for 2015 and got St. Peregrine. Getting a saint invoked against cancer admittedly makes me a little nervous, but maybe he just picked me because he knows what it's like to not sit down for 30 years!


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I have reached a point where I am eaten up with curiosity as to why both of us have issues caused by delivering at that particular hospital and if you're willing, I'd like to share/compare experiences.

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