Saturday, February 7, 2015

Fun with language

Several weeks ago, Tad started looking at us and making exaggerated chewing motions when he wanted food. Sadly, he's since picked up the actual sign for "food," though he often conflates it with the sign for "more." (This is kind of understandable for two reasons. 1 - The signs are similar--with "food," you make a beak with one hand and touch your mouth; with "more" you make a beak with two hands and touch them together. 2 - We usually only use the word "more" in the context of eating. When you're 14 months old, how are you supposed to know that "more" only gets you food if you already had food to begin with?)

Speaking of "more", he went through a brief phase of being just a little bit picky. The way he expressed this? He would make the sign for "more" while there was still plenty of food on his tray!

He also recently invented a sign that roughly means "ball"--he will lift one arm and then bring it down to smack it against his leg. This is derived from the fact that when I throw a ball for him, I will point (while saying "See the ball? Go get the ball!") and then when I drop my arm down it often does smack my leg. I don't remember the "real" sign for ball; I should probably look it up and start teaching it to him. Except that worked a little too well with "food" and his made-up signs are awfully cute.

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Nora Roisin said...

Learning how to communicate his own way could be a really good thing. I have no idea, but my mind leans towards children inventing things for themselves and the goodness of that. ^.^

On the other side, there may be value to learning something outside of yourself that you didn't think of... but don't kids learn a lot of that, watching you do things?

Anyway. Just thoughts, I don't mean to accuse if that's what it sounds like.