Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Great Nap Transition of 2015; Daily Routine

Remember a while back when I bragged about how well switching Tad to one nap was working? Remind me to never do that again; it tempts the sleep fates. Fortunately we seem to be back on track now (knock on wood) after a few days in which he seriously went from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. with only one THIRTY MINUTE nap. It was awful. But like I said, it's been going better again the last few days. I'm determined to stick with it for at least a month (until Tad's 15-month appointment, just because that's a convenient cutoff) to give us a chance to make new habits. I'm sure I will report back later.

Anyway, with the new nap schedule our daily routine on a good day goes something like this. (For a bad day, insert long stretches of whining.)

6:00 - I get up and have my breakfast and a little introvert time and then get ready for the day and pack Scott's lunch and so forth
7:30 - I pull the baby out of bed, throw a coat on him, and bundle him out to the car so we can drop Scott off at the bus stop.
8:00 - Breakfast, diaper change, maybe putting some clothes on, maybe not
9:00 - ???
11:00 - Lunch, another diaper change, naptime routine
12:00 - Nap!!!
3:00 - Snack, another diaper change
4:30 - Go get Scott
6:00 - Dinner
7:00 - Maybe some TV, maybe Scott and I taking turns playing with the baby so the other can have some introvert time
8:00 - Another diaper change, teeth brushing, pajamas on, bedtime routine
9:00 - Baby is asleep; Scott and I hide on our respective computers until we get tired and go to bed ourselves

That 9-11 a.m. stretch is the part I don't know what to do with now. Sometimes we have appointments or errands or playdates or whatever, but other days we sit around and he whines because he's bored and his teeth hurt and I whine because I hate whining and can't get anything done with a 22-pound toddler hanging off my leg. Maybe I should start "homeschooling" or something.

ETA: For the record, I do change his diaper a little more often than is listed here, but those changes are as needed rather than built into the routine.


Sheila said...

Well, how obsessive are you?

If not very, write "9 am floor play" and let it go.

If you're like me, write up a complicated schedule of "Monday, store; Tuesday, blocks; Wednesday, board books; Thursday, playdoh; Friday, cars." Then lose the list and do something else. It's still useful because you'll have brainstormed five different things to do in that slot.

The Sojourner said...

I think my problem is mostly that I find playing with small children boring. (I know, who doesn't, right?) He "helps" fold laundry for 10 minutes and then I get bored, we read a few books and then I get bored,and there's still an hour and 40 minutes left to fill.

I need to have another kid so they can throw blocks at each other's heads for a couple hours a day. That totally works, right? Or do you just have a kid on each leg then?

The Sojourner said...

And since I'm an introvert we can't just go to the park every day because PEOPLE MIGHT SPEAK TO ME. That would be terrible.

Becky D. said...

Maybe once spring hits we will find a good craigslist stroller and you can do take a walk outside to list.

Sheila said...

It alternates. I also hate playing baby games, and I haven't needed to since Michael was born, but that only helps for playtime. When kids want lap time, of COURSE they want it at the same time!

The ideal is to have two children over one year old. Never have a baby when you also have an older kid. Or another baby. Don't have twins.

What you need is for your child's twin to magically appear NOW, when it would be helpful to have one!

I do really recommend playdough, though, the edible kind because let's get real, he'll eat it. How does he like playing in the bath? I have spent hours balancing my laptop on my knees while sitting on the toilet lid so that a kid could splash till the water got cold. And sometimes if you play with a kid for a few minutes, they get interested in the game and will continue without you. Anyway, soon it will be warm and kids canNOT be bored outside!

The sign for ball is to hold your hands apart as if you were holding a ball between them. But I say if his made-up sign works, why switch?

The Sojourner said...

Oh yes, the "Should we have another baby?" conversation usually devolves into wondering how we can arrange for a retroactive twin. :)

Edible play-doh is on my list of ideas. I need to look up ingredients before I go shopping Wednesday. (I have peanut butter and powdered sugar if all else fails.) Today I think we'll make pumpkin muffins, though, with the leftover pumpkin from macaroni and cheese. ;)

The bath makes me nervous because he likes to stand up and hop around. :/ He does like it, though, provided we make the water warm enough. (I used to be so afraid of scalding him that he'd be shivering within 2 minutes.)