Sunday, March 8, 2015

Adventures in cleaning

The other day, Tad was in the office (where he's really not supposed to be, but we're terrible enforcers of rules) pulling books off the shelves as usual. But then! After he'd cleared off most of one shelf, he started putting the books back. So I jumped on that, handing him books one by one and asking, "Can you put this one back?" and then clapping and making much of him when he did so.


I recently added an element of forced toy-pick-upping to our bedtime routine. As soon as bedtime strikes*, I march him over to a likely-looking pile of toys and strongly encourage him to throw a few into his toy bin. Then I take him off to bed and put the rest away after he's sleeping.

Yesterday he was resisting the idea of putting his blocks into their little crate, so I took his hand in mine and closed it around a block and dropped the block into the crate and then clapped and made a big deal out of how he put something away and then carried him off for a diaper change.

While I was putting the old diaper into the wet bag, Tad wandered off. I came out of the bathroom to find him holding two blocks. He promptly toddled over to the crate, tossed the blocks in, and started clapping for himself. He clapped for probably a solid minute. I clapped too, and praised him for putting stuff away, and generally acted like he was the smartest little baby ever. Because he is.

*"Bedtime" is 8:00. Usually. Unless I'm in the middle of something and don't feel like starting the whole process just then.


Today, I'm doing laundry (I try to avoid this on Sundays, but sometimes it can't be helped) and while I was getting detergent out of the hall closet, Tad started messing with his father's sneakers. When I came back from putting my laundry in, one of the sneakers was sitting just outside the door, so I encouraged Tad to pick it up and put it back in the closet--and he did!

Then I walked into the kitchen to set a timer and suddenly Tad came up behind me toting the other sneaker. (I have no idea where he put it originally.) So I walked him over to the closet and opened it back up and he put that sneaker away too. And we clapped.

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