Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Tad's summer wardrobe, 2015 edition

Now that he's staying in the same size longer it's really more of a spring/summer/fall wardrobe, but that would make an unwieldy title.

Before we start, a bit of backstory: When I announced my pregnancy with Tad, Matthew was 17 months old, wearing 18m pants and 24m shirts, roughly. We've gotten a few hand-me-downs in smaller sizes but the bulk of them really start there. So at some point last year I brought home a box full of 18m pants and figured God would multiply the loaves and fishes or something like that.

Sure enough, right about when Tad started fitting snugly into his 12m shirts, my mother went on a thrift-storing spree and bought him a huge number of 18m shirts. I paired them up with the pants to make the following outfits:

 At that point I had 5 casual outfits and 2 church-appropriate outfits. I also had a few extra pairs of pants:

And two sets of pajamas. The dino jammies are 24m; the blue terry sleeper is 2T. They both fit pretty well right now, which is not unexpected since I usually size up in jammies.

Oh, and this jacket (navy, 18-24m), which is actually really great for cold weather because it's lined but still thin enough to wear in a carseat.

I took these pictures about two weeks ago but never got around to posting them. Earlier this week, my mother brought down 2 big boxes labeled "24 month clothes" and I dug through and sorted them out. Sure enough, mostly it was 24m/2T everyday clothes and 3T pajamas, but there were a few things a size down as well. Allow me to show you:

Outfits #8, #9, #10. Coordinating colors for mix-and-match!
Outfits #11, #12. I don't really like rompers, but I couldn't resist the froggy
and I suppose the other one might prove useful eventually.
I was very relieved to have some more summery options--I'm sure Tad will spend most of the summer in nothing but a diaper, but we do go out occasionally and now he doesn't have to sweat it out in long sleeves and pants.

The real wealth was in the 24m/2T pajamas, though.

Pajamas #3, #4, #5
Pajamas #6, #7, #8--#6 even has options for shorts or long pants
#9--Fleecy Thomas the Tank Engine
And last but not least, we complete the summer theme with two pairs of swim trunks. Notice the baby toes at the top of the frame--Tad kept trying to "help" me take pictures.

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