Sunday, May 3, 2015

Seven Quick Takes: 17 months

Yes, my blog is a glorified baby book now.


We've spent most of the last month battling Tad's first ear infection, which as it turns out is a milestone I'd much rather skip. We didn't even realize it was an ear infection for almost two weeks because his only symptom was waking up in the middle of the night and crying inconsolably, and bad sleep is kind of his trademark. He doesn't need a reason to wake up in the night.

But two weeks ago Scott used his day off to persuade me to call the pediatrician and much to my shock the nurse instructed us to bring him in rather than telling me to buy earplugs as I expected she would. And lo, he had an ear infection after all. I felt pretty terrible about not bringing him in sooner, let me tell you.

As penance I faithfully remembered to give him his pink medicine twice a day every day until it was gone. (Weird baby actually LIKES taking medicine, so it wasn't even that penitential.) He finished it earlier this week and still seems kind of out of sorts. We're currently keeping a close eye on him to make sure we don't have to take him in for a follow-up.


Being sick for the better part of three weeks hasn't seemed to put a damper on his rapid acquisition of developmental milestones, so allow me to begin a recitation!

First off, he eats with a spoon now! (Occasionally, when he feels like it.) I was particularly preoccupied with encouraging the use of utensils because the pediatrician asked about it at the 15-month well-check and I had to answer no, much to my chagrin. (Even though I'm sure the idea is for your kid to be "yes" on some things and "no" on others because AVERAGES.)

Of course, I've comforted myself with the thought that really he only abstained from utensil use because he was SO GOOD at feeding himself with his hands, far superior to other babies his age. ;)


And in the field of gross motor skills we have climbing. SO MUCH CLIMBING. We went to my parents' house last weekend and he spent the entire time we were there OBSESSED with going up and down the stairs. He can crawl up stairs and slither down on his belly really well. He's been trying to figure out how to step up and down stairs, but it's hard for him because he's so short.

His other new favorite thing is climbing on our dining room table. On the plus side, we now have it all cleared off so we can eat dinner as a family instead of hiding behind our laptops.


We're still waiting on the language explosion, but he has added a word or two to his vocabulary this month.

- "Ai!" meaning, of course, "Hi!" He sometimes says this when I walk into a room but mostly uses it when he sees himself in a mirror or other reflective surface, at which point he will greet himself, grin broadly, and strike a pose. Little narcissist.

- This gesture, which means "Hold me!" (not a formal sign, obviously, but he uses it consistently to communicate an idea, so maybe it counts?)

Notice that he's standing on the table wearing
nothing but a diaper. Toddlers, man.

- When playing with his toy animals he has said "Woo!" (Moo?) and "Baa!" respectively, but each of those only once so I don't count them yet.


In the category of receptive language, we have two-step directions! The story:

About two weeks ago, Tad was eating orange slices and leaving the peels scattered all over the living room, as he does. So as soon as he finished the last slice I told him, "Put that [the peel in his hand] in the sink." And he did!

Since I was feeling bold, I said, "Go get the other orange peel and put it in the sink." I may have pointed; I don't remember. Tad wandered around for a while, picked up a peel and nibbled some extra orange bits off of it, wandered around some more--and then came back and deposited the peel in the sink! I had to strive mightily to avoid reminding him of his directions during the wandering around, but if I reminded him, "Put it in the sink" after he picked up the peel, that wouldn't have counted as following two-step directions, would it?


I have a feeling that his expressive language is going to explode soon and it all stems from a theory I have about food.

See, during April I nicknamed Tad "Paleo Baby" because he would seriously eat almost nothing but meat. He rejected homemade waffles once in favor of eating 4 sausage links in one sitting. And then at the end of April he made all those huge leaps in gross motor skills--you know, things that require muscle development, which requires protein.

But this last week or so, since he mastered those skills, Tad has been going crazy for pasta, Cheerios, bananas--carby foods. Do you know what carbs fuel? Your BRAIN. So I think he is going to make a major cognitive leap soon and he's at about the right age for that to be his language explosion.


Lest you think it's all developmental milestone bootcamp over here, we've also lately gotten into the habit of going for almost-daily walks. At first I would just let him walk and we'd go to the stop sign at the end of our street and back, but then some relatives moved away and during the decluttering process got rid of one of their strollers. So now Tad has a big green and gray stroller for me to push him around in, which increases our range without killing my back like carriers do. (I don't really have any toddler-friendly babywearing devices; at least not any suitable for long walks.)

Anyway, I like the walks because I get to just zone out and think while Tad is safely strapped in the stroller, and Tad likes the walks because he gets to point and jabber at fire hydrants. Win-win. And it has the added bonus of giving us our daily dose of Vitamin D.

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