Friday, May 29, 2015

Seven Quick Takes: 18 month update with unrelated pictures

1. Tad turned 18 months old last week and had a checkup, as one might expect. He weighed 25 lbs 4 oz and was 32 inches long, both of which were significant jumps up the percentile charts from his 15-month stats. I am immensely pleased, which makes me think that I need to keep reminding myself that this isn't a test where getting anything less than 60% is flunking.

He kept pretending to drink this olive oil.
And then got mad when I wouldn't open it and let him drink it for real.

2. There were a couple of variations from the normal routine at the appointment. First, I had to fill out an autism screening questionnaire in the waiting room before the appointment (he passed with flying colors) and then after Tad was weighed and measured the nurse was going to prick his foot to test his iron levels until I said that he'd just been checked at a WIC appointment two days before. The nurse had to go ask Dr. P if we were allowed to skip the iron test in that case and he said yes. I really appreciated that; a lot of doctor's offices nowadays seem to go by the policy of, "If it's not in the computer it never happened."

I made a lasagna for Mother's Day.
Tad ate a whole adult-sized portion and still had room for dessert.
No wonder he's growing so fast.

3. After that we got our standard battery of questions from a doctor-in-training. This one was new and introduced herself as a "student doctor"; I have no idea if she meant medical student or resident, so we'll just call her the student doctor. Anyway, she asked how many words he can say (20+, when the "right" answer is apparently 3-6), whether he can walk backwards (yes) and up stairs (no, but he tries), whether he drinks from a cup instead of a bottle (yes, and mostly water, only rarely juice), whether he's still rear-facing in his car seat (yes), etc. Something that I really appreciated about her was that when she asked if he was still nursing and how often, she accepted my answer of "as often as he wants" instead of pressing for greater specificity. Now, granted, I could just as easily have told her that he nurses somewhere in the order of 10-12 times a day, but I have a feeling that would produce a bit of a sensation and one tries to avoid those at the doctor's office.

He loves this hat. It's "2T-4T" because his head is huge.

4. Tad remained suspicious but composed during Student Doctor's exam; when Dr. P came in to give his own exam, then Tad started crying. I joked that he's obviously a ladies' man and everybody laughed, but afterwards I was thinking that maybe I'm on to something there--for example, Tad had two sick visits in April/May, one with an unfamiliar male doctor (he screamed the whole time) and one with an unfamiliar female doctor (he was suspicious but composed). I guess we'll see; by his next well-check in November he might have outgrown his aversion to people who are Not Mom altogether, which will probably be good for the preservation of Dr. P's hearing.

He dragged the nursing stool clear across the apartment
in an attempt to get over the baby gate.

5. By the way, that second sick visit with a lady doctor? We took him in about two weeks after his ear infection diagnosis because he'd finished his antibiotics but wasn't perking up as we'd expect, and it turned out he had strep. That was a pretty clever catch on the doctor's part--she couldn't get a good look at his throat to see if it was inflamed, but she noticed he had an unusual rash on his chest and so decided to swab him anyway, and sure enough she was right. So he went on another course of antibiotics for that and now seems to be all better, though he still has his moments of bursting into tears and dramatically draping himself over the nearest horizontal surface. He's a toddler; that happens.

Incidentally, it seems there is some kind of cosmic payback for having a child who never sleeps: He takes medicine. Through both courses of antibiotics (one bubblegum flavored and one strawberry) I would wave the syringe of medicine at him and he would come running and tip his head back like an eager baby bird. He's also shockingly compliant when I help him drink from little medicine cups. (He's outgrown the "infant's" ibuprofen by weight--it only goes to 23 lbs--so he's been taking "children's" when needed. There are ways to adjust the dose upward on the infant's and still use the syringe, but it's inconvenient when he's perfectly happy to do it this way.)

I made this sling! I should tell you about that,
but I probably won't get around to it.

6. His leap in expressive language is definitely underway. A few words (and one "sign") he's added since my last blog post:

- Baa, baa: He uses this for all animals--sheep, cows, horses, and most amusingly, a T-rex. We have been trying to teach him other animal noises; we're not sure if he genuinely can't figure out which noise goes with which animal or if he just persists in baa-ing because he knows it makes us laugh.

- Wow!/whoa!: His pronunciation flip-flops but he uses this word appropriately, whenever something vaguely surprising or impressive happens

- He folds his hands together as if praying whenever we say grace and often whenever we give him food. If he does this I always say a quick grace and he waits for me to finish and then tucks in. Pious little fellow.

- Boop!: This sounds more like "behhhhh", but he uses it in context, when booping our noses. (That's a new thing he does.)

- Bye!: Sounds like "Bah! Bah!" Very slight pronunciation difference from the sheep noise above, and accompanied by emphatic arm-flapping. (His left arm. I still think he might be left-handed.)


7. And I'll end this post with a completely random skill he's learned: Stepping into pants. If you hold a pair of pants out in front of you, he will come up, put his hands on your arms for balance, and step right in! No wrestling him to the ground and forcing him in required! (Though good luck getting him to stay still long enough to zip the fly, if there is one.)

Toddlers are amused by the weirdest things.


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Lady W said...

Your sling looks really good.
I am also impressed with the putting-on of pants. I still remember trying to dress my brothers. It was like trying to put pants on a deer's antlers.

The Sojourner said...

A live deer.

Michelle said...

Such a cutie!

The Sojourner said...

Thank you! We certainly think so. ;)