Friday, August 21, 2015

Tad in sentences

The Great Language Explosion of 2015 seems to be slowing down a bit. Tad now has a little more than 60 words; a month ago he had hardly more than 20.

Despite this, overgeneralization is still very much a thing he does. For example, any kind of lotion or soap or cream is "coconut" (well, "cokie") because I put coconut oil on him during diaper changes.

During his most recent diaper change, I made the mistake of asking "Do you want coconut oil?" and he replied cheerfully, "No cokie!"


Combining things in two-word phrases is not new; but for the most part I have been somewhat hesitant to count them as "sentences." I mean, do "Toe kick kick!" and "Car beep beep!" really count as sentences? Yes, he uses all four words separately from each other, it's not a fixed phrase like "All done" or "What's that?" but is it really combining two concepts when the concepts in question are so similar?

Anyway, a few minutes after his "No cokie!" declaration, Tad was drinking out of a black water bottle and seemed to be experiencing some difficulty. Guessing that the water bottle was empty, I asked him, "Do you want more water?"

Instead of doing the trusty point-and-grunt or even just saying "More," Tad thought it over for a second and then said in a slightly anxious tone, "Ah duh cuppie; ah duh cuppie." (All done cup; all done cup.)

Reader, I gave him more water. :)

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