Monday, August 10, 2015


Tad definitely hit his language explosion recently and I have been posting a ton of cute stories on Facebook but sometimes there are just too many and I thought, "Maybe I should start a closed group or something and only people who REALLY want to see the cute stories will have to read them."

Then I remembered I have a blog. So:


The other day I was wearing a shirt that has a very small train as part of the graphic on the front of the shirt. Tad pointed to it and said, "Caw! Bee bee!"

He always calls trains car-beep-beep (if it has wheels at all, it's a car-beep-beep) so I think that still counts as "Identifying pictures by naming", which is a big language milestone for babies his age.

(He can also identify balls and cups in his books.)


Yesterday we went for an evening walk in the stroller and it started to drizzle a bit so I put the sunshade down and Tad looked up and then said "Hah!" (Hat!) while making the appropriate sign.

It is sort of like a hat, isn't it?


On a non-language related note, he knows all the steps to starting the dishwasher now. Once we've unloaded it I always suggest that he should shut the door and go on back out of the kitchen (so I can scrub and load the dirty dishes without worrying about him grabbing a dirty steak knife) and he always insists that I put soap in the little soap compartment first. Then he insists that I turn the lever that locks the door. Then he turns the knob that starts the dishwasher...and he doesn't even turn it randomly; he turns it only just far enough for the dishwasher to kick on.

Okay, he forgets one step: He does this while the dishwasher is EMPTY, not full of dirty dishes. We might have to work on that before the landlord raises our rent for using too much water.

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