Friday, September 11, 2015

Master Schedule

I am a boring person but not quite so boring as to have yet another post about food. So here is one about chores!

I initially hashed out this schedule in April when a friend did a 30-day housekeeping challenge. It was the first time I ever felt on top of chores in my entire adult life (let alone since I had a baby) and that's a heady feeling so I have tried to preserve and adapt the schedule as our needs change.

Currently my goal is to have less than 3 hours of housework per day. These 3 hours of productive work usually take me the entire 9 hours Scott is gone for his day job, because I have a toddler "helping" me. Theoretically, anything left over when Scott gets back from work is divided evenly between the two of us because Momming Is A Real Job etc. Also theoretically, Saturday chores would be split evenly between us but I have managed to arrange things in such a way that there is almost nothing left to do on Saturdays. I really do prefer to use our limited family time for fun stuff and right now I'm at a season in my life where I CAN get everything done during the workday if I put my mind to it. (If we had a newborn the theoretical chore-sharing would become a lot less theoretical.)

Time given for a chore is "active" time; so for example it takes around 2 hours altogether to wash and dry a load of laundry but there is nothing stopping me from unloading and reloading the dishwasher while the clothes are in the dryer so I only count the time it takes to actually move them over.

And the 30 minutes for dinner prep is basically just a shot in the dark; I do too many different dinners and sometimes avail myself of my wonderful crockpot (in which case there is usually only about 5-10 minutes of active work) but for the purposes of argument we'll accept 30 minutes as an average.

Oh, and we never actually do monthly or seasonal chores unless you count filing our taxes. But we COULD be doing them.

Unload + reload dishwasher (20 min)
Handwash (5 min)
Take out trash (5 min)
Pick up toys (10 min)
Total: 40 min

Wash and dry laundry (15 min)
Clean office (15 min)
Enter data in budget (15 min)
Cook dinner (30 min)
Total: 1 hr 15 min (1 hr 55 min)

Put away laundry (30 min)
Meal plan + make grocery list (30 min)
Clean kitchen (15 min)
Cook dinner (30 min)
Total: 1 hr 45 min (2 hr 25 min)

Grocery shopping + other errands (2 hr)
Clean bedroom (15 min)
Total: 2 hr 15 min (2 hr 55 min)

Do laundry (15 min)
Check + sort mail (5 min)
Clean living + dining rooms (30 min)
Make dinner (30 min)
Total: 1 hr 20 min (2 hr)
Do any errands that were left over after 2 hours on Wednesday (up to 1 hr)

Put away laundry (30 min)
Pay bills (5 min)
Clean bathrooms (30 min)
Make dinner (30 min)
Total: 1 hr 35 min (2 hr 15 min)

Dinner (30 min)
Catch up any undone daily/weekly chores
Do monthly or seasonal chores


Becky D. said...

I need to get back to more of a schedule and I think writing it down helps versus let's see what needs done now. Your schedule seems similar to the room or two a day and a grocery day that worked best for me in the past. Is there a reason that cook dinner didn't go to daily versus weekly or was it mostly because it varies in time?

The Sojourner said...

I don't cook dinner every day if I can avoid it. :p Wednesday and Sunday are designated leftover nights, though I will shift that around if we end up not having enough leftovers. (Or on the rare occasions we have too many!)

The Sojourner said...

The biggest thing that helped me was working out roughly how long each task takes--I kept thinking that there was no way cleaning an 800-square-foot apartment could take all week, but somehow I was always behind. Now when the dishes overwhelm me I can say, "Just work on them for 20 minutes and see how far you get" and sure enough when the timer goes off I'm done or nearly so.

Sheila said...

I'm impressed! And curious if you're still keeping up with it three weeks later. I sometimes make a schedule like this, but I never stick with it. Daily chore list, yeah. Weekly chores list .... ugh. If something can go a week without getting done, seems to me it can go indefinitely. ;) Or I just knock it out on whatever day I'm on a roll and the kids are letting me.

But things like checking mail and paying bills are permanently on John's list. I don't even look at that stuff. It makes me feel like a Kept Woman, but on the other hand, I hate that stuff and he is good at it. And putting away laundry .... I see that as more or less optional. I did it yesterday ... that is I put away kid stuff and put adult stuff in a different laundry basket in our room. But I guess I don't see why people need their stuff folded. It's right there, you can just dig through the basket!

(And that's why I have time to paint Star Wars people. I live in a pit.)

The Sojourner said...

Well, the bathrooms got skipped last week because I was stripping diapers (definitely need to do those today), but for the most part, yes.

I feel like your marriage is sort of my marriage in reverse. (INTJs unite! Separately, because it would be AWFUL to be married to somebody like me. I like being the boss.) Scott used to pay bills but I took over after he kept forgetting about them until the day before they were due. (But now I'm transitioning as many as possible to online auto-pay.) And he has a dirty clothes bag and a clean clothes box and a suit hanging in the closet.

He brings other things to the marriage. :p