Tuesday, December 1, 2015

An unspecified number of maybe-quick things: 2-year-old edition

I was going to write this on Tad's actual birthday but NaNoWriMo got in the way. Priorities, I haz dem!

Anyway, now I'm going to try to blog a little more to capitalize on the habit of writing thing I've been developing the last month. We'll see what happens.

Brace yourself for bullet points!

- According to the WIC office, he weighs 27 lbs 4 oz and is 34.5" long. (We haven't gotten into the ped for his 24mo well-check yet for boring administrative reasons.) That's a gain of about 2 lbs and 2.5 inches from his 18-month checkup, though of course one must allow margin of error for different scales and different people doing the length measurement.

His weight seems to be leveling off around the 60th percentile, having climbed there from the 25th over the course of about a year. (He dropped from about 70th to 25th in the first month after he was born.)

His height has gotten up to right around the 50th percentile after being in the 10-15th range up until about 18 months! (At the hospital he was something like 90th percentile for height but I'm not sure how accurate that is; he lost an inch and a half between then and the ped at 5 days old and I think the latter measurement would have put him about 50th percentile.) I will be curious to see if it levels off after this or keeps climbing and levels off later. For reference, Scott is about 50th percentile for adult height whereas I'm more like 85-90th. (Which is weird because I don't think of myself as THAT tall, but I guess that top 10% covers a pretty broad range of heights.)

I am probably way too obsessed with percentiles but I guess this is what happens when a statistics geek meets a mom whose baby was *almost* diagnosed Failure To Thrive.

- He slept through the night for the first time ever around 22 months and has done so maybe three more times since. It gives me some hope for the future.

Around the same time, he started having days where he'd really cut back on breastfeeding. He's vacillating wildly right now between days when he nurses 3-4 times and days when he nurses 8-10. I really wouldn't mind having a toddler who consistently sleeps through the night and nurses 3 times a day, but Tad's always been uniquely high-needs so we'll see how things go.

- He still has a hearty appetite but is starting to show signs of pickyness, especially with new foods. I am patting myself on the back for having done baby-led weaning, because for the most part he will reliably eat foods that were introduced regularly before he was a year old. Which is about 95% of the foods we eat regularly now. (To give an example: I recently discovered roasted broccoli and we've been having that once a week or so lately and he's having none of it. But he eats green beans and peas like they're going out of style and will grudgingly accept spinach, so I figure he's okay for green veggies.)

(Side note: I attribute all his "good" qualities, like his appetite, to my superior parenting, and his "bad" qualities, like not sleeping, to fate and genetics. Because I can, that's why.)

- He's kept adding words to his vocabulary rapidly since hitting the 100-word mark a couple of months ago, so I'd say it's somewhere in the 150-200 range now. 2-word phrases are commonplace now and most days he manages 3- and 4-word phrases.

- He continues to identify nouns in books and has started to get into verbs as well--that baby is "eat! eat!", those balls are "fall down!", etc. ("ing" forms are beyond him, of course) It is really amusing to see him "reading" books to himself.

However, he does this identification only when he feels like it, not when you ask him. "What is this called?" while pointing to a beep-beep car just gets you a major side-eye. Asking, "Where is the car?" produces a similarly obstinate result.

- He has started occasionally using personal pronouns. "My" and "mine" are of course the favorites, but he's also used "me" and "I".

He will occasionally say "you" but seems unclear on what it's supposed to mean. Because he is an only child and thinks he's the only person in the universe. ;)

- He recently mastered jumping with both feet off the ground and is ridiculously proud of himself. He will sometimes just jump back and forth around the apartment saying "Wow! Amazing bounce!" with every hop. ("Wow! Amazing!" is one of his favorite descriptors. He learned it from the TV.)

- He has learned how to announce "Poopy diaper!" and "Wet diaper!" at appropriate times, and knows that if his diaper is wet he should "Go potty." (His little potty is sitting next to the changing mat and diaper bin, so when I want him to go over there I just say "Go to the potty!" for simplicity's sake.)

He's completely disinterested in actually peeing or pooping in the potty, though. I'm not too concerned, considering he's barely two and has already obviously made big strides in the bodily awareness department.

- His playdate party trick is drinking out of an open cup without spilling a drop. Seriously, he spills less than I do. Unless he's intentionally knocking over the cup, like a cat.

He can also use spoons expertly and is working on forks. I am planning to introduce him to butter knives soon so he can learn how to cut without risk to his fingers, but I'm out of practice giving him close supervision while eating because he is so good at feeding himself, so I am going to have to work on that habit in myself.

- His new favorite thing is to climb on overturned boxes et al and flip light switches on and off. He also knows how to climb on the dresser in our bedroom (via an overturned clothes hamper) and turn the music on my CD player/alarm clock on and off. There were a few days when he kept turning the volume up and I was worried I was going to have to bar him from the bedroom for fear of his ears, but then one time he accidentally turned it up to 5 times the usual volume while it was off and then turned the music on and scared himself because it was so loud. He hasn't tried to adjust the volume since. So I guess natural consequences saved the day there.

- In other fine motor news, he knows how to string big beads on yarn, but doesn't have much opportunity to practice this skill because he can just barely fit the beads in his mouth so I of course have to supervise him closely when he's playing with them. Are we noticing a theme of me not liking to give him things that require close supervision? I also don't let him draw and color nearly as much as I should. He has a magnadoodle and some "magic" watercolor coloring books on his Christmas list to help compensate for my inattentiveness.

- He has thoroughly mastered peg puzzles (the ones that are barely more complex than shape sorters) and while at my parents' house over Thanksgiving was doing pretty well with puzzles like this one. I am not sure if I should get him some puzzles like that or move on to simple jigsaw puzzles to challenge him a bit.

- Imaginative play is in full swing. Mostly he just pretends things are beep-beep cars and phones. Just about anything can be a beep-beep car or a phone if you put your mind to it.

He does also have a couple of favorite toys (not to the level of "lovies", but there's a slight preference)--a little naked baby doll that he commandeered from my younger siblings, and a stuffed tiger that I got for Scott as a birthday present several years ago. The dolly and the tiger both frequently get "hug, hug!" and get fed frozen peas and offered sips of water.

- He has started to thoroughly enjoy the clean-up game--he will throw his blocks, toys, and books back into their bins while saying "Yay! Yay!" and clapping for himself after every item. And then once they're picked up he will promptly dump them back out again and scatter them around the room, the better to pick them up next time!

When he's a little older we'll work on the "only one thing strewn across the living room at a time" rule.