Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What We Eat Part Two: Soups and Free Lunches

This week's receipts:

We walked over to Kroger last Saturday for an impromptu ice cream and root beer date. This came out of our "pocket money" instead of "food" but I'm counting it anyway since we did eat it.
The "produce" in the upper right was a bag of seconds-quality apples. They were still good.

Not pictured: A Dollar Tree receipt. I got three 12-oz bags of frozen strawberries for (you guessed it!) $3.

I'm finding my groove with the cash envelopes; the biggest snafu this week was that Aldi was OUT OF EGGS. I got WIC eggs and really should have gotten another dozen since I had some cash left but I couldn't bring myself to pay 2.39 for a dozen eggs. We've been eating peanut butter toast and stuff to fill in the breakfast gap.

Anyway, that adds up to 47.13 that actually came out of our "food" envelope and 18.69 of WIC/pocket money stuff.

Now for what we actually ate:

(On Tuesday I made cupcakes for Mardi Gras, which was not on last week's list. The frosting didn't turn out well at all because I didn't have powdered sugar and the recipe for granulated sugar frosting I found online was apparently not a good one.)
Wednesday: Broccoli cheese soup. Tad happily announced "Yogi!" when he saw it but alas, broccoli soup does not taste like yogurt and he thus refused to eat it.
Thursday: Roast chicken, rice, green beans
Friday: Cheese pizza. Again. We like pizza, okay?
Saturday: Chili and cornbread.
Sunday: We had lunch meat sandwiches at "coffee and donuts" after the TLM. Also leftovers for dinner.
Monday: Zuppa Toscana. Also, we went over to Scott's parents' to sled before the snow melted and Scott's mom gave us a big dish of leftover chili because it had been contaminated with gluten or something like that. Apparently she and I had the same idea about cooking chili. :)
Tuesday: Chicken riffle soup. At this point Scott commented on how much soup we'd been eating lately.


Sheila said...

We had a big Aldi egg sale last week -- 99 cents a dozen. I didn't need three dozen, but I bought that many anyway because eggs keep.

I love soup. Not everyone is as keen about it, so I serve it once a week - usually Thursdays. I wish I could add zuppa toscana to my rotation ... I love it but John does not. Probably because he doesn't like parmesan and the parmesan is what makes it delicious. I make it for lunch every once in awhile though.

The Sojourner said...

Eggs were 99c here too, which is why they ran out. We actually do go through 3 dozen most weeks because Tad and I eat 2 each for breakfast (=28 in a week) and then we use a few more for cornbread, riffles, etc.

I never liked parmesan until I was pregnant with Tad and now I can't get enough. I blame the deathless fragments of Italian DNA floating around in my bloodstream. (Tad is only about 1/16 Italian but that's still more than I am!)