Sunday, March 20, 2016

What We Eat Part 4: In which I'm totally phoning it in

I am going to blame the lateness of this post on the fact that these receipts got buried under some tax documents and not on the fact that I'm lazy. Though the latter is probably closer to the truth.

These groceries and planned meals are for the week of February 24 through March 2.

One of the ways you can tell I was not even trying anymore: We got scones during our first Kroger trip and then a few days later walked over there solely for a free yogurt and a not-free Snickers. I should probably just add snack food into my grocery budget so I don't buy dumb stuff with my last $3 of the month.

Wed: Farfalle
Thu: Chicken/broccoli pasta
Fri: Salmon, mashed potatoes, broccoli
Sat: Spaghetti and meatballs
Sun: Leftovers
Mon: Pork stew
Tue: Chicken rice soup

I think at least 4 of those meals are repeats from earlier in the month. I did summon the energy to make meatballs with the spaghetti in an attempt to inject some variety into our life. (Usually we just have meat sauce.)

Anyway, the total for this boring week was $44.42 plus $4.27 of WIC stuff. This makes the total for the month come to $199.72 from the "food" budget, plus $5.18 "pocket money" and $35.08 in WIC foods. So if you wanted to eat a luxurious diet of not-enough-fresh-veggies just like me, you could probably do it for $250 a month or so.

Anyway, I hope somebody enjoyed this series even though I was terrible at keeping up with it. Maybe I'll try again in another 3 years.