Saturday, June 11, 2016

Seven Quick Takes: Still phoning it in but at least I have an excuse edition

I am pretty sure virtually all of my regular blog-readers saw this on Facebook yesterday but for the sake of posterity I'll announce it here too. Behold, my reason for not blogging in almost 3 months!

This is Baby Sister. She's due around October 24 but I have very little attachment to the concept of due dates considering I myself was 10 days late but Tad was 20 days early--so basically the entire month of October is blocked out in my mental calendar.

I plan to give her a different nom de blog at some point but I am apparently completely unable to be decisive about names right now. And it might be slightly more important to decide on her real-life name first. :p

Since she's sucking away all my brain cells (the few that her older brother left behind) I'm just going to blog in boring and annoying detail about the anatomy scan appointment, okay?


I was expecting the appointment to go suuuuuper long but it actually didn't. It was scheduled for 3:00 and I have ultrasound pictures with time stamps starting at 3:01:45 so we obviously didn't wait long for that. Then the boys got sent to the waiting room while I was weighed and had my blood pressure taken and stuff. I joined them just long enough to get vaguely bored and think about reading a magazine and then we got called back to the exam room and I read half an article about carseats before Dr. B came in. I think we ended up leaving around 4:00.


Now for details!

Baby was sleeping at first, with her legs crossed, so the tech (let's call her M because that's what her name starts with) said she thought girl but she wasn't really sure. We also found out at that point that she's currently breech, but nobody is concerned about that at 19 weeks. She's about 9 inches long from head to foot (and 10 ounces); she is plenty small enough to turn around.

M also had a hard time taking pictures of baby's heart at first because again, sleeping. M tried jiggling my belly a few times to wake her up but to no avail. So basically the opposite of her brother but still difficult. :p Once M took pictures of her brain she woke up and started moving around so we got to see lots of shots of her adorable little toes poking away while the tech took various measurements of her heart and kidneys and the blood flow in her umbilical cord and whatever. Then since she'd uncrossed her legs we checked again and this time the tech was much more confident of her "girl" wager. (And I was pretty confident too though admittedly I've only seen one boy on ultrasound before.)

I've been feeling her move since about 14 weeks and consistently since about 18; I assumed this was just my second time mom expertise. (With Tad it was more like 18/24.) But no, turns out she just has a posterior placenta. Oh well. I can feel smart about other second-time mom things.


Baby Sister measured right on track with her due date, which seemed to please M. This is the same lady who gave me a hard time when Tad measured 10 days ahead. She gets a bit hung up on her measuring skills, maybe.

Of course, Tad ended up weighing 8 lbs at 37 weeks so maybe her measuring skills are really accurate! Dr. B noticed that factoid in my records when we were talking after the ultrasound and seemed mildly concerned. Like, we might end up doing a growth ultrasound later on if we have any grounds to suspect baby girl is measuring big after all.

(She'd have to be measuring VERY VERY big before I'd consider changing my birth plan, and Dr. B doesn't seem the type to jump straight to induction, for example, just because baby's measuring a bit above average. I guess if a growth ultrasound comes up as a serious suggestion and not just musing we'll have an involved discussion of what he thinks will be gained by having that estimate.)


When Dr. B first came in he asked if we knew whether it was a boy or a girl and we reassured him that we were not trying to keep it a surprise.

"Usually I don't even look," he said, "so I don't accidentally slip up. Plus *I* like to be surprised. So when the baby is born and I announce the gender you can laugh at me and say, 'Yeah, we already knew.'"


Tad was remarkably well-behaved at the appointment considering we'd roused him from a nap for it. Mostly he played with the toys they have in the office. This makes me vaguely uncomfortable but I figure playing with toys at the Ob/Gyn's office is better than playing with toys at the pediatrician's office--if he's sick, I purposely don't bring him to OB appointments but I do purposely bring him to pediatrician appointments! So the germ factor is maybe a little different.

Scott reports that during the ultrasound he actually spent most of the time ignoring the little bead maze he'd dragged along and alternating between looking at the screen and looking at me. He didn't say much; at one point he announced "One two free four fibe!" because he saw letters and numbers on the screen (he thinks they're all numbers) and near the very end he said, "See wotta bubbles."

In between the ultrasound and the appointment with Dr. B he traded his bead maze for a car and spent most of the time we were talking driving the car around and ignoring the grown-ups talking.

Nevertheless, as he was getting up to leave Dr. B made a point of saying to Tad, "Will you come see me again next time?" It's really cute how excited everybody at the office gets about seeing him. There's a particular medical assistant who absolutely adores Tad and asks after him in detail. (Like, she asked if he was feeling better because he'd missed out on my 16-week appointment due to a stomach bug. *I* hadn't even remembered he had been sick!)


Physically I've felt really good so far this pregnancy--much less queasy than with Tad, and I never even threw up with him so that's setting the bar pretty high. I do get lots of indigestion if I don't eat tiny carefully spaced meals and dizzy if I don't drink enough water. Both of which would be super easy to manage if I didn't have a two-year-old perpetually stealing my snacks and cups. :p Oh, and my back hurts (and sends shooting pain down my legs, THANKS SPINE BONES) if I am on my feet a lot. I ought to figure out how to do belly wrapping with my ring sling since I can't really spend all day sitting down with my feet up because, again, two-year-old. It's probably better for me to get the exercise anyway.

Mostly I'm just really, really, really tired. And overwhelmed. I'm not sure how much of that is the toddler and how much of that is the pregnancy-hormone-induced spike in my usual low-level depression and anxiety stuff. I do seem to remember sitting around eating ice cream and fretting a LOT during my pregnancy with Tad, when I did not have a toddler to wear me out, so perhaps I'm not cutting myself quite enough slack for the mental health stuff.


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