Friday, August 12, 2016

Seven Quick Takes: Things I want to remember/31 months

I started this post probably 4 weeks ago and then my computer stopped booting and I had to cash out my hoarded spending money and buy a new one. But here you go anyway.

The other day I was thinking about how newborns and how terrible they are and then also thinking about how happy I am that I blogged when Tad was a newborn because I can remember things that would have otherwise gotten lost in the haze of "SWEET JESUS THAT WAS TERRIBLE."

Anyway, 2.5 is definitely...a phase of disequilibrium, let's say. Not sure if all 2.5-year-olds are like that or if mine is just especially fractious because I am too large and cumbersome to take him outside as much as he'd like. (Also there have been heat indices in the 100s and I like to repress Tad's individuality by keeping him NOT heatstroked like all the boring sheeple.)

So I am going to blog random cute things lest I remember this phase of life as being almost entirely terrible as well.

1. One of his charming new habits is repeatedly hitting me with his head (and he has a giant, hard head!) whenever I am in the same room as him. I have started attempting to redirect his impulse for physical contact by offering a "big hug."

So now, once in a while, he will run up to me and instead of ramming into my thigh will hold out his arms and suggest "Big hug!"

I oblige, of course.

He still nurses a LOT but shots like this are rare
because he finds electronics very distracting.
2. Sometimes he runs up to me, throws himself into my lap, and announces, "Gotchu!"

Always, little buddy, always.

He was helping taste-test the frosting for Daddy's birthday cake.
(Lemon. He approved.)
3. How he sometimes says "Goomooring, shun-shun!" when I come to get him in the mornings because I sometimes say "Good morning, sunshine!" to him.

Sleeping "in" a sidecar crib. As you do.
4. How he sometimes wakes up with handprints on his belly because he likes to sleep with his little butt in the air and his arms underneath his body.

I have no idea how sleeping on top of those books was comfortable
but he stayed in there for over an hour.
5. How he sucks in his lower lip when he's excited so it has the effect of this hilarious little bucktoothed grin.

Playing with the train table at our local library.
 I am pretty sure the tablet pic is grainy enough
that you can't figure out where we live. :p
6. He likes to draw pictures on his magnadoodle (and when I say "pictures" I mean random scribbles) and then announce, "Goodbye car!" "Goodbye anmul!" "Goodbye paddaput!" (Platypus is his favorite animal.)

7. The way he pronounces "upside down" as "uhshash dow." ("Outside" is "ohshash" so the "dow" part certainly helps figure out which one he means!)


Lady W said...

Sleeping on books can be extremely comfortable depending on how boring the lecture is. Also, in that picture he looks exactly like Baby Jesus in that Bouguereau painting "Song of the Angels."

The Sojourner said...

There is a certain likeness there.