Friday, September 30, 2016

Things I want to remember: 33 months

1. Tad's articulation is improving lately, which I appreciate because his primary method of verbal communication is still "Unleash torrents of unintelligible gibberish with a few recognizable words interspersed."

But it also makes me all sentimental that he's gradually losing his baby-isms. For example, "nammie" has become "banammie" and "peer" has become "peeda budder." (You never would have known to pull this out of the cupboard if my kid walked up and asked you for "peer," would you?)

Tad's first pony ride with bonus Baby Sister bump.

2. You can tell that I have been carrying him less (because carrying around his baby sister is more than enough work for my spine and pelvis right now!) because he has picked up the phrases, "Wait! Come back!" and "Follow me!" (Though he sometimes phrases that as "Okay, ehrybody, follow me!" which makes me think he heard it somewhere else as well, since I do not refer to him as "everybody.")

He also says "I be right back" when he leaves the room, which is adorable except when he's going somewhere he shouldn't be!

The county fair wore him out so thoroughly
 that we put him in the carseat, drove home, and
transferred him to bed, where he slept another 2 hours.

3. Another of his new favorite phrases is "Don' worry" which is pretty much my signal to start worrying, especially when I overhear him saying it apropos of nothing obvious.

This is honestly pretty tame for him

4. Sometimes when I give him something to eat or drink he says "Gank!" before stuffing it into his maw. Maybe I'm just desperate for affirmation, but I enjoy these little displays of gratitude. :)

Creative fine motor activity with salad tongs,
farm animals, and the lemonade cup from the fair.

5. At the beginning of July we went to a wedding and Tad learned how to "dance" (bending his knees so he can bob up and down, really). This skill disappeared for a while afterwards but then reappeared later, possibly due to watching a lot of Phineas and Ferb episodes that involved singing and/or dancing. Now he bobs his knees up and down AND does hilarious robot-like arm motions. It is excellent.

6. He is now tall enough to drink out of a drinking fountain--and he's had the necessary comprehension of the steps involved for quite a while already. This is also hilariously adorable and convenient to boot, since it was hotter than Hades here up until about a week ago and I don't always remember to bring enough water for both of us.

7. One day, for no apparent reason, he ran up to me, threw his arms around my legs, and said, "Aww, so happy!" For real, moments like that make all the challenging stuff a little less overwhelming.


This is kind of a seven quick takes post, but I have no idea who hosts those these days and am too lazy to Google, so no link for you!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


The other day I was telling a story to Tad's occupational therapist and she laughed and said I ought to write a blog.

I did not tell her I already have a blog because I have too many real-life people reading here as it is. :p

I do have a post about Tad about 50% written, and I really want to do another pregnancy update (short version: baby is still doing great but A LOT has happened since 19 weeks) but life just feels...complicated...right now. It is hard to write lighthearted updates when I'm not really feeling them, but it is impossible to write about the things actually on my mind. So the poor blog gets sadly neglected.

Anyway, there is little point to this post considering how few people read the blog but then again if I'm just talking to myself I can say whatever I want, can't I?