Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February Photo Dump

This is going to be 100% trivial stuff and not at all new to anybody who's friends with me on Facebook, but I want to pound out another post in the next hour and a half so I can keep up the blistering 3 posts a month pace. :p

Tad's solicitude for Cat's welfare continues to be absolutely precious. A few weeks ago we were getting ready to go out as a family and I told Scott to get the baby strapped into her bucket seat and then bring her out while I took Tad out to the van and got him strapped in. But Tad refused to go. "Hold da beebee!" he insisted, and when I didn't take the hint he led me over to her carseat and put my hand on the handle.

This is right after she rolled from
back to tummy for the first time.
Cat also absolutely adores her brother and smiles pretty much whenever she sees him. She finds it especially hilarious when he is running around and jumping wildly. I suppose this is good, considering he rarely does anything else.

Tad's new thing is trying to do housework. A week or two ago he actually collected all the dirty clothes from around the bedroom and put them in the hamper, announcing, "I clean up laundry!" 

It's less helpful when he takes all the clean dishes out of the dishwasher and throws them in the sink (especially since I usually have dirty pots and pans and such soaking in there). I have no idea why he thinks that's the right way to do things but he is quite insistent that clean dishes do NOT go in the drawers. So I've just resigned myself to having to rewash a bunch of dishes whenever I hear him blithely announce, "I clean up mess! I put in sink!"

I'm running out of both cute stories and energy now, so how about we just dump some more photos and call it a day?

Babies are technically classified
as a liquid.

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I love that last comment. I also really enjoy this post, because it is interesting to hear about the developments of children...