Wednesday, March 15, 2017


This is the world's lamest post, but I think anybody who reads my blog is used to that. :p I'm writing this down because Scott keeps asking why we have no tortillas and wandering over to Kroger to buy some.

- cheese sticks and fruit

- block cheese and crackers

- yogurt smoothies

- peanut butter sandwiches

- quesadillas

We eat 2-3 snacks a day (WE LIKE FOOD OKAY) and probably go through about 4 pounds of cheese per week. (And that's not counting the parmesan we go through due to a certain 3-foot-tall person who likes to eat it straight out of the can.) I have been thinking about getting a Costco membership because we'd save a bundle on eating free samples as snacks and buying giant sacks of cheese sticks on the cheap.


etteloc said...

My kiddo just discovered cheese, and let me say I am glad that I live in a state where its abundance and affordability is a given. I feel like I should mail you a couple of pounds of it.

Current snack wherein I try to hide vegetables, because we've been sick and I hate vegetables when I'm sick and think I ought to eat them anyway: spread cream cheese over a tortilla. (Get fancy flavored cream cheese if you'd like, season it yourself otherwise.) Peel a cucumber and carrot and then keep using the peeler to make shavings. Lay them in the tortilla, roll the tortilla up and cut into (adult) bite-sized pieces.

{I feel like I'm coming on as a creeper to your blog, but I just like your posts and wry sense of humor.}

The Sojourner said...

Ha, I enjoy the comments and do not think you're a creeper at all! :)