About my people

Scott: My awesome husband, also known as Shakespeare's Cobbler, from back in the days when he blogged. He dislikes being cold and things that don't make sense. He likes programming (really, he comes home from his programming job and programs some more for fun), videogames, philosophy, rainstorms, good food, and (inexplicably) me.

Tad: Our first son, born November of 2013. Tad is not his real name. He dislikes being strapped into his car seat (or any other kind of sitting still) and not being allowed to bang on the computers. He likes nursing, climbing on top of furniture, being read to, playing outside, eating ALL the food, and watching Phineas and Ferb. We are pretty sure he's plotting to take over the world.

My family:  Consisting of Dad and Mom (married 30 years), Andrea (age 29), Teresa (age 9), and Matthew (age 4). Most of them have had pseudonyms at some time in the past, but now I just use their real names.

My in-laws: They are shyer than my family, so their real names have never been on this blog. I generally call them Mr. Cobbler, Mrs. Cobbler, Elder Elder Brother (who has a Mrs. EEB and three EEBlings), Younger Elder Brother (who has a Mrs. YEB), Eldest Younger Brother, Middle Younger Brother, Youngest Younger Brother, and The Only Sister. In case you didn't catch it, Scott is third in a family consisting of 6 brothers followed by a surprise sister. They're a pretty cool bunch.

Sundry other people of interest: Assorted friends and relatives have appeared on this blog at various times in the last 7+ years, some under pseudonyms and some under their real names. I am too lazy to sort through and explain who everyone is, so you're just going to have to try to keep up.

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